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Chaminade College Preparatory School: Developing Spirit, Heart, and Mind

Academics come first at Chaminade College Preparatory School where young men, ages 11 to 18, come from around the world to grow academically, personally, and spiritually. A Catholic school in the Marianist tradition, Chaminade is located on a pristine 55-acre campus in St. Louis, Missouri.

A Warm Welcome

“When international students apply here, they are not only worried about a new culture and language, they are also worried about making friends,” stated Coordinator of International Programs and Recruiting, Mark Baczynski. Chaminade uses a house system, where all students are part of a house or group of young men upon arrival. The house system enhances school spirit and unity and allows incoming students an easy foray into making friends. A strong and structured ESL program is built into the curriculum, further assisting a smooth transition for international students.

Global Academy

Creating globally-minded young men is not just an initiative at Chaminade, it is engrained in the curriculum and culture. Global opportunities abound, from service trips in Kenya to exchange programs in France and Australia. Enrichment trips take place in Taiwan, the Galapagos Islands, and all over the United States. Within the classrooms at Chaminade, young men learn alongside students from 20 countries.

Experiential Education

“Every student in every grade will go on multiple learning adventures outside of the classroom” explained Mr. Baczynski. Each year the eighth grade visits Washington, D.C. which compliments the US government lessons in the social studies curriculum. “Our eleventh graders just got back from what we call junior leadership training, where they do high and low rope courses. They spend time outdoors backpacking, canoeing – growing together as a junior class,” continued Mr. Baczynski.

STEM Focus

In an effort to integrate enrichment in STEM fields as early as sixth grade, Chaminade has recently hired top professors in their science, technology, engineering, and mathematics departments. “According to a report, 65% of international students studying at higher education levels were studying in STEM-related fields. We wanted to be at the forefront of this, preparing our international students for university,” explained Mr. Baczynski.

Guaranteed Acceptance into Four Universities

Chaminade offers 26 Advanced Placement (AP) courses through a wide host of subjects. Chaminade also partners with multiple universities to offer more than 60 college credit courses on campus. Many Chaminade students graduate with 40 or more hours of college credit already completed.

“We offer a guaranteed acceptance program for students looking to go into Saint Louis University without having to go through a full college application and interview process. We have guaranteed access to Saint Louis University, The University of Dayton, Saint Mary’s University, and Chaminade University in Honolulu,” noted Mr. Bacszynski.

Excellence in Athletics and Arts

Young men have access to over 60 teams in 17 different sports. Many of the teams rank nationally and regionally; both the soccer and basketball teams ranked top 25 in the country last year. Furthermore, students with interests in computer design, ceramics, pottery, theater, and music have the ability to grow and flourish at Chaminade. The school is proud to announce the new Skip Viragh Center for the Arts built last year.


Chaminade passes on the lower cost of living in the Midwest to students. The all-inclusive price for an incoming ninth grader is less than $45,000, which is substantially less than many schools in the US.

For young men seeking a well-rounded, academically-focused education where they can excel holistically, Chaminade is an obvious choice.


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