Lake Mary Preparatory School


Lake Mary Preparatory School: More Than Just a School, A Sense of Family

Lake Mary Preparatory School is nestled in beautiful Central Florida, 25 minutes from Orlando and proudly enrolls 575 students each year, 240 at the high school level.

A Meritas Advantage

Lake Mary Preparatory School provides students with global experiences and excellent personalized learning that prepares them to be standouts at their top choice colleges and beyond. Rigorous academics intersect with a nurturing, whole-child approach to extracurricular activities, fostering students’ dynamic aspirations.

Lake Mary Preparatory School Headmaster Glenn Chapin explained, “We encourage students to take appropriate intellectual risks and become passionate about learning.”

Extracurricular and Sporting Excellence

Athletics encourage well-rounded, engaged students with a competitive edge. Lake Mary Preparatory School students have won back-to-back state championships in golf and archery and are competitive in baseball, basketball, soccer, and volleyball.

Participants in the Fine Arts program not only benefit from exceptional facilities and gifted teachers, but also from first-hand exposure to visiting artists, field trips, and community partnerships with visual and performance arts organizations.

Another high point of student activities is the nationally-recognized Debate Team, which frequently includes international student members.

English as a Second Language—Part of the School Community from Day One

Lake Mary Preparatory School’s High School consists of approximately 33% international students from all over the world.

The school has developed an excellent ESL program to meet these needs. Students are met with a comprehensive orientation and rigorous ESL classes, but they are also welcomed into the family of the student body. “From the first day they integrate with other students through art education and math courses,” Mr. Chapin explained. “They are part and parcel of the culture of the school.”

The New American Culture Program

There is much more to learn than just English language. Because of this, Lake Mary Preparatory School has developed an after school program to expose students to American culture in a variety of contexts: business practice, organizational efficiencies, athletic traditions, and networking.

This program is about practical learning and experiencing American values. Students learn how to create and to access opportunities through true cultural understanding. “We are still expanding the program,” said Mr. Chapin. “We are planning a summer intensive program so students are fully prepared to hit the ground running as they enter the school year.”

A Sense of Family

Mr. Chapin concluded with one of Lake Mary Preparatory School’s true claims to fame, “Brazilian families can trust that we look after our students like family. We foster a sense of community by understanding the needs of every student and their aspirations, and encourage them to succeed.”


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