Léman Manhattan Preparatory School


Léman Manhattan Preparatory School — Exceptional Education in New York City

As the only boarding school located in the heart of Manhattan in New York City, Léman Manhattan Preparatory School offers an exceptional, globally-focused education.

International Baccalaureate and Academic Excellence

Léman Manhattan’s internationally-focused curriculum emphasizes critical thinking and problem solving and prepares students to be engaged global citizens, ready for success in today’s increasingly borderless world. Léman’s personalized approach to education teaches to each child’s strengths and aspirations, propelling intellectual, emotional, and social growth.

Léman Manhattan Preparatory School is one of only four schools in Manhattan to offer the International Baccalaureate diploma program, recognized worldwide as the standard for academic excellence, and a sought-after credential by top colleges and universities. Graduates have been accepted at some of the world’s best colleges and universities, including The University of Pennsylvania, Duke University, and New York University among others.

A Global Student Population

There are 580 students in total at Léman Manhattan, representing over 50 different nationalities. The boarding program is made up of students hailing from 17 countries who speak 24 different languages – offering students a truly global experience.

Léman Manhattan Preparatory School is able to offer unique international opportunities to students through sister schools located in Geneva, Switzerland and Chengdu, China. Students at all three Léman schools benefit from a number of unique learning opportunities, collaborating with and learning from peers across the globe.

A Remarkable Location

The Léman Manhattan Preparatory School campus is a mere three blocks from the New York Stock exchange. This location allows for a vast array of experiences beyond the classroom. Students are able to take advantage of a variety of cultural opportunities right at their doorstep. From seeing shows on Broadway and visiting New York’s world-famous museums and art galleries, to attending professional sports games and shopping on Madison Avenue, Léman students have the world’s most exciting city at their fingertips.


Léman Manhattan’s campus is located in one of the safest parts of the city, and the school places student safety as a number one priority.

During fall orientation, students take a series of classes designed to help them become safe and capable residents of New York City. “Students are taught about common sense and safety,” said Head of School Drew Alexander. “Everyone must check in and out with a member of staff, and be accessible by mobile phone whenever they leave the residence. We also have a buddy-system in place and emphasize the importance of common sense and an awareness of one’s surroundings.”

Unique Housing

Unlike most boarding schools, Léman Manhattan Preparatory School students are not housed in dorms. Instead, they live in newly renovated luxury apartments, fitted to the highest standards, with careful prioritization of student safety and comfort. The student residences are a brief walk from the Upper School campus and offer convenient access to all of New York City’s major attractions.


Léman Manhattan Preparatory School is seeking committed, intellectually-adventurous students who will be a good match for the vibrant and stimulating environment Léman provides. Mr. Alexander explained, “We look for positive matches between the school and student. What can we add to their development? And will they be a positive contributing force to the community?”


Something this good can only grow. In its short history, Léman Manhattan Preparatory School has already established a reputation both locally and globally through international partnerships in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. “This year we have 80 boarding students, and we will have 120 next year,” said Mr. Alexander. “We plan to double this number in the next five years.”


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