Northfield Mount Hermon


Northfield Mount Hermon School: A New Model of College Preparatory Education

With a student-to-faculty ratio of 5:1, families sending their students to Northfield Mount Hermon (NMH) preparatory school will receive the personalized guidance they need to meet their academic and personal goals.

Established in 1879 in Mount Hermon, Massachusetts, the framework of an NMH education is in its College Model Academic Program (CMAP), which is rigorous, relevant, and taught by faculty who devote an extraordinary amount of time and energy to fostering their students’ success.

Working Together

With 650 students coming from 46 countries and 35 US states, Northfield Mount Hermon strives to create an atmosphere where students can learn from one another in a supportive environment. NMH has been welcoming international students on their campus for over 100 years. The school is secular, and all backgrounds and beliefs are welcomed.

Through NMH’s unique work program, students gain hands-on experience while contributing to their school and developing a sense of community and responsibility. Through NMH’s Partnership of 12, each student has at least 12 adults who are actively engaged as their advisors, coaches, teachers, and mentors who encourage and challenge them in their educational pursuits.

Meaningful Experiences Beyond the Classroom

Academic coursework at NMH is challenging and prepares students for acceptance to top universities. Highlighting the importance of a balanced education, Northfield Mount Hermon students are encouraged to participate in service learning, arts, music, athletics, and leadership roles. These extracurricular activities provide meaningful opportunities for students to connect with their peers (as well as with teachers and coaches) while building confidence and discovering new talents.

Northfield Mount Hermon’s approach to education offers a stimulating, supportive experience, encouraging students to think critically, act with humanity, and discover within themselves a sense of purpose. NMH looks forward to welcoming more Brazilian students to its diverse, thriving community.


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