Rancho Solano Preparatory School


Rancho Solano: A Highly Personalized Approach

The sun shines almost every day of the year for students at Rancho Solano Preparatory School, located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Small classes, a family-like atmosphere, and a focus on preparation for college create a distinctive environment that is both personalized and nurturing.

American Cultural Integration

International students benefit from being part of a tight-knit boarding program. Surrounded by their peers, students enrolled in the boarding program are fully immersed in American culture. Through Rancho Solano’s English Language Learner’s program, students get support in the classroom alongside their American peers. “Our international students tend to acclimate to the culture and the language quickly as a result of the boarding and day students learning together in the same classroom,” explained Director of Marketing & Admissions, Mara Taylor. The school also takes students on exciting field trips around the US.

International Baccalaureate

Rancho Solano is proud to be the only private school in the greater Phoenix area offering the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. IB is recognized worldwide for its academic rigor and emphasis on teaching a global perspective. “Students taking our IB program really get hands-on personalized teaching within the program,” explained Ms. Taylor.

Giving Back in Collaboration with Top Universities

Among a number of distinctive programs aimed at producing globally-minded graduates, Rancho Solano students participate in the Engineering Projects In Community Service (EPICS) program where they continually win awards. Through EPICS, students work on service projects domestically and internationally in collaboration with top institutions such as Princeton University. Rancho Solano students recently won awards for their participation in helping improve farming practices in Peru.

Living with Amenities

Rancho Solano’s innovative campus is three years old, allowing students access to the best athletic and academic facilities. Boarding students live a few minutes off campus where amenities include a pool, transportation to and from school, and an onsite chef. Students work closely with a college counselor to determine the best universities to apply to and have access to a guidance counselor who is dedicated to helping students acclimate to a new culture.

Truly Personalized Learning Plans

Each student has a personal learning plan that grows with them during their time at Rancho Solano. “It’s an “academic and beyond” kind of plan where teachers get to know the students and their strengths. The students determine where they want to hone their skills, which sets the stage for a student’s success down the road,” stated Ms. Taylor. In addition to a personal growth plan, Rancho Solano provides interactive classrooms where critical thinking and leadership qualities are fostered.

Rancho Solano is an obvious choice for students seeking a safe community away from home with a global perspective.


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