Quiz for Brazilian Parents: Which US Boarding School is Right for Your Child?


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You would prefer your child to study in:
a large citya suburban campus

What is most important to you in terms of choosing a boarding school?
ranking of schoolcost of schoollocation of schoolspecific programs available - arts, tennis, science, etc

What level of English does your child speak?

Is there a particular sport or extracurricular activity your child is interested in?

What type of program are you most interested in for your child?
academic programssports programssummer programs

Ideally, how long would your child study in the US?
one summerone year2-3 yearsthe full four years of secondary education

Why do you want your child to study abroad? (check all that apply)
I want my child to learn English.I want my child to attend a US university.I want my child to have a more global perspective.I want my child to have access to the best in learning opportunities.I want my child to have access to specific programs - arts, sports, etc

How old is your child?
10-14 years old15 years old16 years old17 years old18 years old

What else is important to you?

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