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Culver Speaks Your Language (Culver Fala Sua Lingua)

Culver Summer Schools & Camps has been speaking the language of global leadership to boys and girls, ages 9 to 18 since 1902.

The Summer of a Lifetime

In a fun-filled, 1,800-acre lakeside setting in northern Indiana, 1,400 youngsters from 35 countries and 40 states come together at Culver’s high-challenge, high-support environment where they learn leadership skills and improve their personal confidence. For 113 years, Culver has been a place where boys and girls have developed positive self-esteem through accomplishment and self-discipline.

One of the largest summer camp programs in the United States, Culver Summer Schools & Camps offers Aviation, Horsemanship, and Sailing Schools along with the usual camp fare. Under the watchful eye of adult counselors and instructors, campers learn to overcome their limitations, to improve and learn new technical, academic, and athletic skills, and how to achieve their personal best.

Culver Summer Schools & Camps is:

  • Teamwork – Supporting common goals and working together
  • Friendship – Creating unique, lifelong bonds from a shared experience
  • Self-Discovery – Overcoming limitations and accepting challenges
  • Diverse – Campers from 35 countries (including Brazil, China, Colombia, theDominican Republic, Ecuador, Honduras, Jordan, Mexico, and Nicaragua) and 40 states
  • Independence – Applying life skills in unique settings

Unique Programs and Opportunities

AGES 9-13
Woodcraft Camp is a six-week, all-activity camp designed for boys and girls. Over 80 elective courses and a multitude of activities provide an unparalleled opportunity to participate fully in camp while improving self-confidence, developing independence, and learning leadership skills.

AGES 14-18
Upper Camp is a six-week coed camp for boys and girls. Boys declare an area of concentration – Aviation School, Cavalry School, or Naval School – each with its own uniforms, customs, and traditions. Girls are organized into Decks and choose from the same aviation, horsemanship, and sailing classes as boys.

The Aviation School utilizes three flight simulators and campers receive instruction at an area airport. An aviation student’s goals include soloing and earning a Private Pilot’s Certificate.

The Cavalry School develops character and leadership while teaching youth to control and manage the horse. Equestrian activities include basic and advanced instruction, rough riding, polo, and an overnight hike and camping experience.

The Naval School students can receive US Sailing certification in small boat, keelboat, and coastal navigation. Campers also vie for a spot on the crew of the R.H. Ledbetter, a 65-foot, three-masted square rigger.

The Summer School for Girls is engaged in all activities of the Upper Camp (aviation, horsemanship, and naval). Over the years, female members have been fully integrated into the regiment and now compete for the same leadership positions as the boys.

Culver Academies: Adventure and Excellence

Culver Summer Schools & Camps shares its campus with Culver Academies (, a college prep boarding school for boys and girls in grades 9 through 12. Culver’s 2014-2015 prep school enrollment of 827 students represented 38 states and 23 countries. About 20% of the student population comes from countries such as Brazil, Colombia, China, Ecuador, Guatemala, Italy, Kazakhstan, Korea, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and Venezuela.

Contact information:

Antonio Giraldi CMA ’75
Director of International Advancement
574-842-8332; cell 574-210-7941

Karla Hernandez
Associate Director, International
574-842-8119; cell 574-248-0680

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