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Students at The Village School Receive a Rigorous Education with an International Focus

At first glance, The Village School looks like a college campus. With its state-of-the-art classrooms, brick buildings, and sprawling athletic fields, the 28-acre campus is reminiscent of the finest universities. With a setting like this, coupled with a supportive and talented teaching faculty, it is no wonder that 100% of Village graduates go on to attend four-year universities.

Located in Houston, Texas, The Village School boasts outstanding academics, small class sizes, hands-on teaching methods, and exceptional strength in the STEM fields. This is demonstrated through the achievements of Village’s Math and Science Team, which consistently ranks among the top five teams in Texas.

The Village School provides pre-K through high school education to a diverse student body, representing over 50 countries. “The population that we have coming to us both on the boarding side and on the day side is very reflective of countries that have a great deal of respect for education,” explained Head of School Gabriella Rowe. “We are an incredibly rigorous academic institution.”

Village is a member of a global network of schools, which means that the school can benefit from the shared knowledge of the global education community. This network of schools emphasize problem solving, reasoning, and critical thinking skills to foster high achievement in university and, eventually, the workplace. Students are given individualized learning plans so they can study at their own pace, which is often above grade level.

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program is another standout feature of the Village experience. It is one of the top-ranked academic programs in the world, and trains students for excellence and leadership in the global community. Students begin the IB Program during their junior years and follow a specific course of study for their last two years of high school. The IB Program includes an essay project, specialized classes, experiential learning, and final exams. Village boasts a very high success rate for IB students, with over 90% earning the prestigious IB diploma. The IB Program allows students to choose to study abroad after high school and is also highly recognized by American universities.

Brazilians are well represented at The Village School, especially among day students. Houston is known for its oil and gas industry, which brings many Brazilian families to the area. For students hoping to follow in their parents’ footsteps, Village can provide them with a head start for careers in the oil and gas industry.

“In our day [student]population, we have a large number of families from Brazil, which makes a significant portion of who we are as a school,” added Ms. Rowe. “For families who work in and around the oil and gas industry, we are an attractive institution because we have that particular focus on math, science, and engineering. It’s something the parents understand and many of our students aspire to.”

Regardless of what they choose to pursue after graduation, there is no doubt that Village students are equipped for higher education and the 21st century workplace.


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