US Summer Immersion Programs: Learn English while Experiencing American Culture!


In July, it’s winter break in Brazil but it’s summer time in the US! Summer in the United States means baseball games, theme parks, and fireworks lakeside for the US Independence Day, July 4th. Sending your child to experience summer in the US is great way to give your son or daughter a taste of US culture, a chance to learn English and to check out a boarding school prior to considering full time study. Many US boarding schools offer one- to four-week programs in the summer, incorporating English language training, trips around the US, and various arts and sports programs.

Culver Academies (Culver, Indiana)

Founded in 1902, Culver Summer Schools and Camps is a fun- filled, naturally beautiful 1,800-acre setting where over 1,350 young people from around the world (ages 7 to 17) develop positive self-esteem through accomplishment and self discipline. It is a high-challenge/high-support environment for learning leadership skills that improve personal confidence.

Hawai'i Preparatory Academy (Kamuela, Hawaii)

Summer at HPA offers exciting beach side activities for students ages 7 to 18. Children have the opportunity to engage in sports, enrichment and credit classes, and outdoor wilderness adventures. HPA’s hands-on programs encourage growth and active participation throughout the summer. Day and residential programs are open to all students and offer a great introduction to the HPA experience. HPA’s regular summer session and English as a Second Language (ESL) program offers academic enrichment for students entering grades 6 through 12.

The Village School (Houston, Texas)

In summer programs at the Village School, students live on campus and receive 27 hours of English instruction 6 days a week, focusing on writing, grammar, vocabulary, and reading to develop higher level cognitive skills. In addition, students attend daily cultural workshops to engage in lively discussions about American life and Texas culture. Afternoons are spent on the sports fields, in the art studio, or cooking in the kitchen. Students are able to practice English while engaged in their favorite activity.

Tufts University (Boston, Massachusetts)

Tufts University believes the best way to learn a language is to live it. ESL programs are available for high school aged students (ages 15 to 17), university-aged students, and business professionals. Tufts offers one of the most innovative, dynamic programs available today, all within the culturally rich setting of Boston!

English classes are taught by dedicated instructors who use their imaginations and experiences to maximize each student's learning potential. Class time is complemented by a host of real-world activities that help students to live the language as they learn it. The programs are innovative in the way they combine classroom material with real-life experience.

Students speak and use English each day - the natural way to improve their ability and confidence. From engaging classes to exciting field trips and evening discussions on American life and customs, Tufts can help students learn the language and culture that shapes America.



Culver Academies

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