Top 10 Reasons to Send Your Child to a Boarding School in the United States

  1. Your child will learn English: English is the most commonly spoken language in the world. Immersion in a US boarding school will assist your child in learning a language that will enable him/her to travel, work internationally, advance domestically and connect with people all over the world.
  2. Access to preparation for top US universities: The US is home to almost half of the world’s top 100 universities (based on 2014 Forbes rankings). Many US boarding schools allow students to take university classes in high school. College placement counseling and success are top priorities.
  3. Global classrooms: US boarding schools often have an international population of 10 to 30% of the total students. Interacting with students from all over the world improves each child’s world perspective and provides learning opportunities in and beyond the classroom.
  4. Outstanding extracurriculars: What is your child passionate about? Opportunities abound in US boarding schools from snow skiing, horseback riding, hockey, sailing, yoga, to jazz band.
  5. State-of-the-art facilities: Boarding schools in the US are home to some of the world’s best laboratories, libraries, science centers, gyms, sports facilities, and theaters.
  6. Academic excellence: While most schools offer extensive extracurricular activities, academics come first in the majority of US boarding schools. Students are pushed to achieve their full potential with a heavier-than-average school work load and tons of experiential learning opportunities.
  7. Students learn how to be responsible: While leaving home at any age is difficult for many, studying away from home in high school teaches responsibility at a young age.
  8. Highly qualified teachers: With many teachers living on campus, teaching small classes, and holding degrees from prestigious universities, your child will be learning from highly qualified teachers who care about the success of each student.
  9. Being surrounded by university-oriented students: While being away from home, your child will be surrounded by students from all over the world. Many students in US boarding schools share the goal of being admitted to a top university.
  10. Smaller class sizes: Afraid your child will get lost in the shuffle? Many US boarding schools boast class sizes of around 10 to 12 children per class, placing individualized attention on each student.

When looking for the right program, several aspects need to be taken into consideration: assistance on the visa application, psychological preparation for personal and cultural challenges, finding the right school that will fit the academic and personal goals of the student, the financial possibilities of the family, safety of the student, counseling during the program, and health insurance.

International Cultural Exchange Services (ICES) is there to help. As a US government-accredited sponsor organization, ICES has been successfully placing students in private and public schools for 25 years. It is a member of the board of the national council for exchange programs (CSIET) that gives all the necessary support for the student to find the right school and have a successful and healthy experience. With a network in Brazil and other countries ICES is there to help students in their native language.

If you would like to know on how ICES would be able to assist you, go to the contact information page:


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