About BBR

BBR Education is dedicated to publishing education reports for Brazilian media, featuring interviews with leading academic institutions and supporting government organizations.

BBR’s influential education reports reach prospective Brazilian students and parents, while promoting bi-lateral relationships in the academic realm.

  • Elizabeth Dusch
  • Michelle Titus
International Correspondents:
  • Karine Bah Tahe
  • Cloudya Esther
  • Merritt Kinkade

Colette Hannahan

Contributing Writers:
  • Anne Lowery
  • Claire Marshall
  • Erica Gardner
  • Amy N. Thayer
  • Lea Cohen
  • Natasha Dufresne
Project Manager:

Katie McClure

Managing Coordinator:

Sherill Vazquez

Assistant Coordinators:
  • Gladys Agtuca
  • Sherlie Duran
  • Noelle Torcende

Austin Farmer

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