Business Analytics Programs


Harnessing Data to Drive Business Decisions

In a world overloaded with data, the skill and knowledge to sift through the noise and synthesize data into useful information is crucial. Recognizing this, top academic business programs are offering business analytics curricula that teach students to analyze data in order to make better-informed business decisions.

With the growing imperative for business managers to be able to make effective and efficient decisions based on available information, companies often turn to technology to process mass volumes of data in order to generate accurate solutions. This increased technology usage in business has caused an explosion in job opportunities for graduates in the US. The Department of Labor consistently lists information technology jobs among the top five fastest growing fields.

Understanding the synergy between technology and management, schools such as Creighton University’s Heider College of Business have designed business intelligence and analytics programs to meet the demands of the constantly evolving business-technology environment.

Stevens Institute of Technology offers a Master of Science in Business Intelligence & Analytics (BI&A) as a unique 36-credit STEM program designed for individuals interested in applying analytical techniques to derive insights and predictive intelligence from vast quantities of data. Graduates gain the skills necessary to increase operational efficiency, improve financial performance, and influence the strategic directions of organizations in the highly-competitive world of "Big Data." The curriculum is a mix of courses on data, social networks, web analytics, statistics, optimization, and risk management - focusing on industry-specific applications in areas such as marketing, finance, pharmaceuticals, underwriting, manufacturing, information technology, telecommunications, energy, and engineering.

At the University of South Florida’s Muma College of Business, the MS in Management Information Systems with a specialization in Analytics and Business Intelligence is the most sought after master’s program. “Businesses today operate in a very fast-paced, dynamic environment with increasing competition. Analytics is a critical component of business strategy today,” said Director of the Information Systems Decision Sciences Department that operates the program, Balaji Padmanabhan.

“Analytics can help firms manage competition and compliance effectively,” added Mr. Padmanabhan. “The use of timely data to drive decisions is widely viewed as a sound business practice today and firms that do it well can stay a step ahead of competition in the global marketplace. There is so much data available today, but is only useful when it can be harnessed and used to drive decision making so that companies can gain a competitive advantage. Indeed, candidates of these top business analytics programs are learning to be responsible leaders who will shape how information technology drives business success."


Business Analytics Programs

Harnessing Data to Drive Business Decisions In a world overloaded with data, the skill and knowledge to sift through the…


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