College of William & Mary, The Raymond A. Mason School of Business


College of William & Mary – The Raymond A. Mason School of Business, Traditionally Innovative

Prestigious, Historic, Affordable
In one of the most idyllic and historic locations in the United States, The Raymond A. Mason School of Business at William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia is a step above the rest. One of the most highly-ranked business schools in the nation, William & Mary has much to offer. The school is one of the original Ivy League schools in the US, but it is a public institution, making it more affordable to the community. With full-time, part-time, and on-line degree options, students from Brazil are encouraged to find a way to seek a valuable business degree at William & Mary. With a focus on practical experience, personalized attention, and affordability, students will not be disappointed.

Location Location Location
At William & Mary, students can head to New York City, Washington D.C., or the beach in a matter of hours. However, the small town allows students to focus on their academic pursuits and get the personalized attention they need from faculty and mentors to succeed. This is a great opportunity for students from abroad who would like to see the US, but are committed to focusing on their education while in school.

Connections and Mentors
The beauty, history, and location of Williamsburg, Virginia attracts a variety of people. The town has a large population of executive retirees from major corporations. In its traditionally innovative manner, William & Mary found a way to harness those resources into the Executive Partner Network at the business school. Every student has a coach from this network of more than 120 former business executives. The coaches are active in all facets of student education, and become significant connections for success in the future. Additionally, there are only 200 students in the Full-time MBA program. This allows students to bond and work closely with one another to achieve success in their chosen field.


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