University of Virginia, McIntire School of Commerce


Not Business as Usual at University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce

Located in historical Charlottesville, Virginia, the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia is recognized as one of the top business schools in the US for its commitment to excellence and tradition of innovation.

McIntire provides a close-knit community with approximately 700 undergraduate students from 48 countries and 250 graduate students, 25% of whom are international students. The University of Virginia is an institution that espouses strong and unique values of student self-governance and citizen leadership, with over 800 student organizations for students to lead and engage in diverse interests.

Integrative Learning Opportunities
McIntire focuses on a holistic approach in teaching business. The Integrated Core Experience (ICE) is a unique curriculum that values teamwork and communication while helping students understand the integrative and global nature of business. Faculty merge traditional classroom instruction with case-based learning and opportunities to work on real-world projects with corporate partners. Students find ample opportunities to work closely with McIntire’s alumni and corporate partners inside the classroom or through co-curricular involvement. At the undergraduate level, students may choose from concentrations in Accounting, Finance, Information Technology, Management, and/or Marketing. They may also add more cross-disciplinary academic tracks in Advertising & Digital Media, Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship, Global Commerce, Quantitative Finance, and/or Real Estate.

Graduate Programs of Study and Global Orientation
Among McIntire’s innovative offerings, Brazilian students may find the Master of Science in Commerce to be an attractive option. Designed to complement liberal arts or science and engineering undergraduate degrees, this intensive, one-year program combines business fundamentals; a concentration in either Finance, Business Analytics or Marketing/Management; and a month-long global immersion experience (GIE). For GIE, students choose a region (e.g. Europe, Southeast Asia, India/Middle East, East Asia, or Latin America) and travel with a faculty member and 20 to 25 fellow students, visiting various locations, to better understand how business is conducted within that region. The past four graduating classes have posted excellent placement statistics between 93% and 99% within three months of graduation.


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