The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania


Putting Knowledge into Action – The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

The Wharton School recruits the most talented young business leaders from around the world to its MBA program, graduating global change makers since 1881. Located in historic Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Wharton School is the oldest, and one of the most well respected Ivy-League business schools in the United States.

Ivy League Leadership in Action
A Wharton student learns his or her leadership style by participating, practicing, taking risks, inspiring others, and working with peers. With the largest business school network in the world, Wharton students have the opportunity to turn “knowledge into impact” through countless opportunities to pursue business goals inside and outside the classroom.

Global Game Changers
The Wharton School boasts global modular courses, global consulting projects, and interdisciplinary programs that demonstrate its commitment to the interconnectedness of the world.

Strong Brazilian Ties 
Brazilian students have been benefitting from this philosophy for years. Its alumni have founded successful companies in Brazil, such as, Peixe Urbano, Elo7, and olook. With Wharton alumni actively running companies in Brazil, the ties are strong for students, and opportunity abounds. Wharton students also focus on the region during summer associate programs and internships. The university hosts at least one event during the summer in São Paolo for prospective students and regularly sends staff and faculty to Brazil to interview applicants. To continue its tradition of interconnected excellence, Wharton encourages strong candidates from Brazil to apply.


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