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University of Puerto Rico – Enriching International Education

The University of Puerto Rico (UPR) is leading the way in education on the beautiful Caribbean island where it lies. Aside from being the only U.S. public university in Latin America with an AACSB accreditation, the university is the top school in the region offering a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Another huge benefit of the program is that students have the opportunity to learn both English and Spanish, further expanding their reach in their future careers.

Seeking International Partnership

The University of Puerto Rico is making great strides and gaining high accolades in business education in Latin America. “We are eager to create even greater mobility for our students to go to Brazil and Brazilian students to come to Puerto Rico so they can participate in our business programs and enrich each other’s culture,” said University of Puerto Rico President Uroyoán Walker Ramos.

In the spirit of the strong partnerships they have formed within their own 11 campuses across the island, the University of Puerto Rico looks forward to working with Brazil to help make advances for Latin America as a whole.

A Curriculum Grounded in Business Experience

With both PhD and MBA graduate business degrees, as well as undergraduate business courses, programs in finance, accounting and international business are particularly strong. In addition to the curriculum, students have the opportunity to participate in interdisciplinary associations. This further collaboration with the other departments and campuses allows students to partner both through disciplines and across the island’s municipal borders.

Student groups also tend to work closely with small- and medium-sized businesses across the island, cultivating a strong spirit of entrepreneurship that complements the coursework; Enactus is one such student group. Formed as a social entrepreneurship initiative, this student association has gone on to compete successfully in China and South Africa. Students may also choose to minor in entrepreneurship.

A Practical Learning Approach

The opportunity to gain practical experience as a part of their studies in an international setting is what sets the University of Puerto Rico apart. Core classes encourage working alongside new startups and developing individual ideas.

Classes are taught in both Spanish and English, and students get the opportunity to visit other campuses in Puerto Rico. While most of the classes are taught in Spanish, materials are often in English — giving students the unique opportunity to master and work on both languages. Activities to sightsee and enjoy the island’s rich culinary and cultural scene definitely broaden the overall student experience.

“The experience is really enriching. Our students have the advantage and the unique opportunity of being in a Spanish-speaking country that bridges the US and Latin America. In international business, that advantage is priceless,” added President Walker.


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