Rochester Institute of Technology


Saunders College of Business: Enterprising and Internationally­Focused Top Business Programs

A History of Success
Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), home to Saunders School of Business, has one of the largest and oldest cooperative education offices in the world. Saunders has recently been ranked in the “Top 100 Best Graduate Schools in the United States” by U.S. News & World Report. This reinforces its specialty in delivering applied programs inside and outside the classroom ­ preparing graduates to hit the ground running for employers, leading to its 96% placement rates.

An Enterprising Future
The school has a strong emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship, furthermore recognized for this specialty by its rankings in Business Week. Saunders offers a distinct master’s of science in entrepreneurship and Innovative Ventures program that is also consistently topping the rankings. Finally, it is ranked #7 in the United States by the Princeton Review for “Top 25 Online MBA Programs.”

Expanding International Presence
The school caters to enterprising, creative students and is interested in attracting international students who fit this profile. The master’s of science program options give Brazilian students the option of applying without needing to submit a GMAT score. They are also able to choose on­-campus ESL courses. International education options include RIT Croatia and RIT Dubai campuses, and most recently, a partnership with China. Students are often hired by some of the biggest names in business, working in cooperation with the student co­-ops on campus.


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