Brazilian Embassy D.C.


Brazil Embassy: Stimulating Academic Relations between Brazil and the Rest of the World

With more than one in five Brazilian students in the US choosing business as their field of study, the international education arena is rapidly changing to meet the demands of Brazil’s globalized economy. New academic opportunities are arising, such as international dual-degree programs; executive education programs; and unique, cross-cultural summer programs.

With embassies in 139 countries, Brazil’s global representatives play an active role in stimulating academic relations between Brazil and the rest of the world. The Embassy of Brazil in the United States helps to facilitate the exchange of thousands of Brazilian and American students through various governmental programs, and is a crucial resource to students interested in learning about new opportunities abroad.

“We are always promoting educational cooperation, which has been a traditional area of cooperation between the US and Brazil. We hold regular meetings with US university representatives and the discussion almost always addresses educational cooperation, as there is a demand both to increase the number of Brazilian students on US campuses, and to send more American students to Brazil,” stated Head of the Education Section, Counselor Franklin Netto.

A large number of students coming to the US do so through the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program. Since its 2011 inception, the program has continually evolved, and the Embassy has adjusted its involvement accordingly.

Explained Mr. Netto, “We talk to new universities who are interested in receiving more students in their graduate and undergraduate level. Our agenda is to explain how the process of receiving students works, as more and more students participate in the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program in the US.” The Embassy looks forward to playing a role in President Rousseff’s second-term goal of continuing to prioritize education in Brazil.


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