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The College of New Jersey Business School—Student Success

“Our alumni are employed in all the major accounting and banking institutions, investment banks, technology, private capital, and investment companies,” said College of New Jersey (TCNJ) School of Business Dean Dr. William Keep. “We have over 60 alumni at JP Morgan, a large group at Bloomberg, and [others] with top marketing management and research firms nationwide.”

unnamed These student success stories contribute to the the School of Business’ five‐year spotlight on Bloomberg Businessweek’s “Best Undergraduate Business Schools” list.

Outcomes like these arise through targeted investment in programs, experiences, and educational excellence that nurture student growth. Dr. Keep explains, “My biggest class is Intro to Economics, with a maximum of 35 students. Our average class size is 28 students. Beyond this, 70% of our students have at least one internship, alumni meet with students, and business case competitions both on campus and off campus encourage our students to strive for excellence.”

To further provide for students’ needs, TCNJ’s School of Business now offers the Bloomberg Aptitude Test, which helps identify top students and compares national performances.

TCNJ’s experience proves that top companies are anxious to hire students directly from their undergraduate studies.

“The school offers an ideal setting for international business students and the proximity to major East Coast cities such as Trenton, Princeton, Philadelphia, and New York provides opportunities for internships and social life,” noted Dr. Keep.

The campus offers an ESL program, providing targeted, interdisciplinary language instruction which students can take for credit. Classes are offered both as summer intensive programs and during the school year. ESL at TCNJ offers eight credits of coursework in the summer and twelve credits per semester through the Institute for ESL & American Studies, a program that is very popular amongst international students.

Director of the Center for American Language and Culture (the home of ESL at TCNJ), Dr. Monica F. Jacobe explained, “Our program’s credits are transferrable, and our students’ skills are really jumpstarted by the program. We don’t just develop English language skills, but we also prepare them for US higher education and culture.”

“We’ve had particular success with Brazilian students,” Dr. Jacobe continued. “We have helped them develop the time management and study skills they need to succeed in US classes.”

These programs have resulted in an increasingly diverse community. Approximately one‐third of the School of Business’ faculty members are from outside the US, including one fluent Portuguese speaker. At both the individual student and college‐wide level, The College of New Jersey is seeking to form new international connections.

Senior International Officer and Director of the Center for Global Engagement, Dr. Jon W. Stauff, is currently building partnerships with Brazilian schools. TCNJ is also interested in finding additional Brazilian partners for students and faculty mobility opportunities.

“We believe we are strengthened by increasing our international student body,” said Dr. Keep.


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