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Boston University: Live in the Epicenter of Academia

Nowhere else in the world packs in academic energy like Boston, Massachusetts. This thriving metropolis offers historical richness in addition to research excellence, and is one of the world’s best student cities. International students at Boston University dive in to lectures at MIT and Harvard University, attend action-packed sporting events, and are nurtured by exceptional staff at the Center for English Language and Orientation Programs (CELOP).

Upcoming programs to enroll in

1. Intensive 20/25: Dates: Sept 21 – Dec 16

Those who plan to attend university for graduate, undergraduate, and certificate programs. Professional people who want to improve their English skills for work. Anyone who wants to make significant progress in English.

2. Part-time Fall Programs

Part-time fall programs for students wanting to enhance their English Language Skills.

3. Custom Program for those that want to teach English

The English Teacher Development program gives practicing and aspiring English language teachers the opportunity to develop their confidence in classroom English, learn new techniques for teaching, and practice integrating literature into their teaching. In-class activities are combined with visits to local places of literary interest in Boston, as well as Cambridge and Concord Massachusetts.

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More about Boston University

Time Tested 60,000 Times

Over 60,000 international students have studied English at CELOP since its founding in 1975. Most students come for semester-long programs that provide ample opportunity for formal language instruction, interactive learning, and a wide array of elective opportunities. In recent years, CELOP has added a variety of specialized courses including four-week sessions to professional training in engineering, entrepreneurship, law, and more. A program for practicing English teachers offers skill building for both their language skills and teaching methodology.

“One thing that sets us apart,” said CELOP Recruitment and Outreach Specialist Franklin Pesantez, “is that Boston University is one of the top-ranked universities in the US. This means that we attract some of the most talented and experienced English teaching professionals in the world. This remarkable quality is passed on to our students.”


BU has existing partnerships with multiple universities and government agencies worldwide, including the Comunidad de Madrid, which partners with CELOP for an English teacher development program each summer. Multiple Japanese universities have also established repeating programs for their students. No such partnerships exist yet in Latin America, and the leadership at CELOP hopes that universities and companies will choose BU as a partner for professional development and tailored coursework.

Prepped for Success

At the conclusion of their studies, CELOP students can receive an evaluation describing their level of language achievement. Combined with excellent one-on-one advising, this positions students to continue their academic journeys with confidence. Students can even receive support for college applications.

One notable student success story is BSMP student Larissa Pontes, from the Federal University of Ceará in Brazil, who is now studying biotechnology at Boston University after completing CELOP.

Dynamic Student Life

From the BU campus to the greater Boston area, students are surrounded by opportunity. From a conversation partner program, soccer tournaments, volunteer activities, or academic development, BU has it all.

Unlike many other ESL programs, BU guarantees access to student housing for CELOP participants in eligible programs. Students are also welcome to join one of the 450 student clubs and organizations, utilize the recreation center and art programs, and dive into life in this student-centered city.

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