CAPES: Ensuring Success for Brazilian Students Abroad

In collaboration with Brazil’s Ministry of Education, CAPES sends Brazilian students to universities across the globe through the foundation’s scholarships and grant programs. The program is making rapid adjustments as it grows, extending benefits to undergraduate students as well as graduate students, and incorporating immersive internship and research opportunities into the experience.

CAPES currently funds more than 100,000 students, including 1,500 in international partner institutions. Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has approved a second phase of the program, which will continue to focus on science, technology, and innovation.

Language Without Frontiers

To prepare students for education abroad and ensure their success, the Ministry of Education launched Language Without Frontiers — a program that enables Brazilian universities to teach more foreign language studies. With additional funding, universities are able to improve ESL facilities and hire more teachers, enabling students to learn English in depth without leaving Brazil. It is designed to have students focused on their specialized academic experience abroad, as opposed to language education. It also increases students’ efficiency.

“Language is crucial,” said the former Director of International Affairs, Denise Neddermeyer. “Without the fluency you are going to miss out on a lot of opportunities. Just prepare yourself before you go.”

Business Schools Are Considered Separate

As business schools are considered neither public nor distinctly graduate level, they are not directly involved with CAPES. As part of the federal government, the program cannot provide scholarships to universities linked to the private sector for business schools. Brazil’s business schools are excellent — international and open to partnering with universities in the United States (especially given the success of CAPES students in the US education system). And while there is no business program in the United States through CAPES, the Brazilian Scientific Mobility Program (BSMP) continues to increase Brazil’s visibility and strengthen relations worldwide.

Study Abroad Crucial For Brazilian Students Success

CAPES is committed to seeing Brazilian students succeed in academics abroad, and encourages them to seek out international study opportunities. Ms. Neddermeyer urged, “Don’t think twice. Study where you want to go and be strong because it’s a wonderful opportunity in terms of personal as well as professional development.”

The return on investment for Brazilian students only increases upon mastering the second language of the host country. CAPES is setting students up for success with an English pre-program language learning online designed to speed up the proficiency of the students who will apply for scholarships. The most important thing is that students continue to seek education abroad. “Here in Brazil when you come back, there will be many opportunities,” assured Ms. Neddermeyer.


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