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A Taste of America in Six Weeks – The Summer Culture and Language Program at Centenary College, New Jersey

International students taking part in Centenary College’s Summer Culture and Language program in New Jersey are guaranteed to have an American summer they will never forget. Unlike ESL programs run by private companies, the program at Centenary College is run by the college, with faculty teaching the classes. All credits earned through English courses are transferable.

The six week summer program, focusing on Intensive English Studies and American Culture Studies, draws dozens of students each session from around the world. The program includes a myriad of opportunities to practice English through extracurricular activities, including excursions to nearby Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.

Building Lifelong Friendships

The extracurricular activities bring students together to experience college life both on and off campus, in addition to the opportunity to live in campus housing. International students are immersed in the Centenary experience and find the ESL program leaves a lasting impression on their time in the US.

Dean of the School of International Programs, Dr. Joseph P. Linskey, described his experience meeting with alumni of the program: “Every student, no matter where they came from, they leave us having had a good experience. In Korea, I went to a dinner with 80 some alumni students who showed up. I heard around the tables that they were talking about the experience they had with us. They had a great academic experience, as well as a fun cultural experience. We have tried to maintain that and improve it.”

Rolling Admission: Apply Any Time

The International School makes it their goal to assist international students in coming to Centenary College in the most hassle-free way possible.

Dr. Linskey explained, “We have centralised all the processes; from inquiry to application to graduation, we handle everything in our office. I make the admissions and scholarship decisions. When I get an application packet, they get admission decisions usually within 24 to 48 hours. We have streamlined the process so they’ll know right away.”

Admissions are on a rolling basis, and if space permits, students may register up to the first week of the program. Once admitted, the ESL program offers full support, including tutoring. As a small-sized college, Centenary is proud to be able to offer individualised attention and guidance across all of its programming.


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