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El Camino College: High-Quality ESL Programs at a Fraction of the Cost

Located just minutes from Southern California’s famous beaches, El Camino College (ECC) welcomes students of all backgrounds to pursue a wide range of programs at an extremely affordable cost. As a two-year community college, El Camino College partners with four-year institutions to enable students to easily transfer their credits after finishing foundational coursework.

For international students wishing to start academic studies in the US but not fully comfortable with their English language abilities, this option provides a convenient and affordable pathway.

Starting from the Beginning

Students arriving without a TOEFL score or English skills often begin at the El Camino Language Academy, which provides a supportive learning environment.

“If students do not have the minimum TOEFL score required for El Camino, a pathway option is to begin at the Language Academy (where there are no English requirements), to strengthen their English, and then transfer into the academic program. It’s a way of saving money and preparing students for success,” explained Program Manager for International Programs, Lindsey Ludwig.

Those with more English experience may enroll directly in the for-credit academic ESL classes, which cover reading, conversation, essay writing, and more. “Students go through a series of different ESL tracks to strengthen their speaking, reading, and writing. Our ESL program has been around for 25 years and we have a very strong academic program,” stated Ms. Ludwig.

Pursuing Academic Studies

As students gain confidence in their English abilities, they move on to academic programs at ECC. Popular programs include Nursing, Business, and concentrations in the sciences, as well as ECC’s award-winning Forensics program. El Camino College has a high success rate of sending its graduates to prestigious four-year colleges across California – a smooth transition thanks to the 2+2 pathway programs (two years at ECC followed by two years at a four-year institute) with numerous universities.

Although transferring to a four-year college is the ultimate goal for many students, others attend ECC to pursue shorter certificate programs or two-year degrees. ECC is home to a diverse student body of 23,000, and attracts many Brazilian students to its excellent athletic teams, which include tennis, football, and baseball. The safe campus is constantly being modernized and students enjoy high-tech multimedia facilities, a theater, and a planetarium. Students at El Camino College are part of a tight-knit community, and actively participate in many clubs and organizations.

Whether looking for stand-alone English language classes, a certificate program, or an affordable pathway to a four-year degree, El Camino College offers a unique opportunity for international students to experience exciting Southern California and learn English in a flexible, supportive environment.

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