Fulbright Brazil Facilitates Teacher Training and Language Exchange

Operating in Brazil for nearly 60 years, the Fulbright Program promotes educational and cultural exchange between the United States and the rest of the world. Working with the Brazilian government’s Ministry of Education, Fulbright Brazil facilitates the exchange of hundreds of Americans and Brazilians each year by providing scholarships, teacher training opportunities, university research grants, and guidance to participants. Many programs are highly-customized, offering the opportunity for students, faculty, and researchers to pursue their passions abroad.

Executive Director of Fulbright Brazil, Luiz Valcov Loureiro, explained how Fulbright Brazil’s role works to help identify and establish mutually beneficial exchange opportunities abroad: “Recently, with the Science without Borders program, we had an opportunity to play a very key role in supporting and helping our Brazilian friends in identifying partners in the US to make the program happen.”

Working with CAPES, Fulbright Brazil was a leader in sending Brazilians abroad through the Science without Borders program, and has more recently expanded its English language and teacher training programs – namely, English without Borders. In two years, this program has sent 2,000 Brazilian teachers to the US and has welcomed 240 Americans to Brazil.

As the Brazilian government increasingly invests in English training, Fulbright Brazil has noticed a clear trend in the level of global awareness and open-mindedness in the country. Stated Mr. Loureiro, “We are beginning to see the youth and the people involved in the education sector become more aware of the importance of international relations. Science without Borders is definitely helping in this process as well. People are open to new experiences and new approaches in higher education.” Fulbright Brazil looks forward to reaching out to additional international partners in the coming year.

Mr. Loureiro advises the following to prospective institutions interested in participating in exchange programs: “Don’t give up. It can be difficult at times, but don’t give up. Sometimes it seems really complicated because the systems are very different. There are a lot of hurdles and bureaucracy – but it’s always possible. It’s worth the effort; it’s going to be a lifelong relationship.”



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