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Georgetown EFL – Language Learning in Historical Washington, D.C.

The Georgetown University English as a Foreign Language (EFL) program is one of the oldest programs in the United States, and offers specialized study for academic English or business language study.

The Georgetown faculty sets the standard for highly trained language instruction. All 13 full-time faculty boast overseas and US teaching experience, with an average of 12 years at Georgetown. This level of skill and experience ensures the best in student learning.

The Intensive English Program

Students from around the world come to study in EFL’s Intensive Language Program. Targeted for academic-track students, the course is offered in 16-week semesters as well as an 8-week summer semester with an accelerated curriculum. Students work with classmates from over 30 countries in small classes with 6 levels.

At the advanced levels, students can also enroll in electives courses, which include American Politics, American Culture through TV, and Business Negotiation.

Of the EFL students, 75% go on to pursue higher education using their language credentials to launch academic futures in a wide array of fields at colleges and universities throughout the world.

Business and Professional English

This partnership between the EFL department and the McDonough School of Business is tailored to deliver the best for business professionals. Lectures are drawn from the D.C. area to share perspectives from the public sector, NGOs, the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, and others. Courses include Contemporary Business Theory, Advanced English for Professional Purposes, and Business Administration.

American Language and Culture

Another innovative opportunity is the 4-week January program in American Language and Culture, which focuses on cross-cultural communication skills through classroom education and field trips.

American Conversational English

For students who want to concentrate on their listening and speaking skills, Georgetown also offers the 3-week American Conversational English program during the summer. This program emphasises conversational english skills through interactive activities, local field trips, and in-class presentations.

Weekly Bonus Workshops

All EFL students can also participate in weekly workshops. Skill-focused programs include pronunciation and writing workshops tailored to each student’s needs. The university application workshop helps students choose and apply for universities around the United States, providing general information sessions and individual counselling. One of the most popular weekly EFL events is a coffee hour for students and faculty to gather for informal conversations.

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