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Georgia Tech Language Institute: Beyond Academic English

The Language Institute at the Georgia Institute of Technology is not your average ESL program. In addition to academic English, the program emphasises critical thinking, mutual learning, and the practical application of language skills.

“In terms of our teaching philosophy, we believe that students should learn how to use the language and not just learn about the language,” highlighted Director, Karen Tucker. “Our classes are very student-centred.”

Program Flexibility

Established in 1958, the Language Institute has programs to accommodate a range of academic and scheduling needs. The core program is intensive English, which has seven levels of proficiency and is taught during five, eight-week sessions per year. Students on tighter schedules can opt for the short course program that lasts only three weeks and is offered in January, May, and July of every year. There is no student visa required for the short course option.

“It’s great for people who want to do a little bit of traveling, brush up on their English, or just get a little taste of what it’s like to be in Atlanta, either in the winter or summer,” remarked Associate Director of the Language Institute, Anna Potter.

Students may choose to complement their English studies with a specific purpose track in intensive English or the teacher training program. The specific purpose track courses include business, cross-cultural communication, and service learning, which can be taken instead of, or in addition to, core intensive courses. The teacher training program is designed for groups of students and combines pedagogy with intensive English coursework.

Students at the Language Institute looking to further their research while abroad are encouraged to network across campus by attending STEM-related lectures and connecting with GT faculty, staff, and students in their discipline. This is an excellent opportunity for students to become involved in their field at a renowned research institution.

Seamless Transitioning with Bridge Programs

Students aspiring to earn a degree in the US at either the undergraduate or graduate level may take advantage of Bridge programs with ten different universities in Georgia. These universities waive the English proficiency requirement for students who complete the highest level of the Intensive English program at Georgia Tech.

Georgia Tech is a prime location for international students. In fact, 4,500 international students attend the university and the surrounding community of Atlanta is very diverse. “A lot of our students say that one of the things they value most is the opportunity to interact with students from many different countries,” added Ms. Tucker. “Brazilian [and other]students also bring something to Georgia Tech and we can learn from them as well. It’s a mutual learning experience.”

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