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Individualized Attention the Key to Success at Georgia Southwestern State University

Established in 1988, the English Language Institute (ELI) at Georgia Southwestern State University (GSW) has long upheld its reputation for providing international students with personalized attention to ensure their success in future academic pursuits in the United States.

Classes at the ELI, which focus on preparation for academic studies but also emphasize American culture and conversation, are kept small and students feel comfortable interacting with their peers and instructors.

GSW ELI Director, John Fox commented on the legacy this approach has left: “I have been with ELI for a total of 16 years, and one thing that I have heard so many students say, even after they were here and then continued on to other universities, is that they always remember the personal attention that they got at the ELI.”

Learning English at the ELI

ELI students spend approximately five hours per day, five days per week in class, and the institute maintains an “English only” rule to encourage students to practice English at all times. During the summer, English study is intensified with all-day study for eight weeks.

Always ensuring a balance of study with some fun and culture, ELI staff organize weekend excursions to nearby historical sites, local festivals, sporting events, and more.

Embracing the GSW Community

Located in the safe town of Americus, Georgia, GSW is a small university known for making students feel at home in its community. ELI students receive student identification cards and are encouraged to enjoy GSW facilities and student activities. ELI students usually live on-campus in the dorms, eat in the cafeteria, and enjoy a full immersion experience at GSW.

Beyond the ELI

Upon completion of English studies at the ELI, many students continue on to academic degrees at GSW or other American universities. GSW – which offers degrees ranging from computer science to nursing – is an attractive choice for those looking for a small school that will provide excellent individualized attention, yet is located a mere two hour drive from bustling Atlanta.

From the ELI application process, to transitioning to a degree program after studying English, ELI staff are there to support international students every step of the way. “We work very closely with the students inside the classroom as well as outside. We are available all day if a student wants to come into the office and talk about something or ask a question,” stated Mr. Fox.


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