Harcum College


Harcum College – Celebrating 100 Years of Excellence

This year, Pennsylvania’s Harcum College celebrates its centennial anniversary, honouring the school’s core values of giving back to its community. Across campus, students are taking pride in their school and their community by striving to undertake 100 acts of service – from volunteering at nursing homes to organizing craft workshops for underprivileged youth.

The Harcum Experience

Located on the outskirts of bustling Philadelphia, Harcum is an associate degree granting institution designed for every kind of student. Students come to Harcum to study English, transition to four-year colleges, or pursue challenging comprehensive programs such as nursing, dentistry, accounting, sports management, and fashion merchandising. Class sizes are small, averaging 16 students, and the teaching methodology is holistic and individualised. A dedicated career and transfer services office offers exemplary guidance, and the school provides support – ranging from tutoring to disability services.

Student Life

International students appreciate Harcum’s ideal location in the safe Main Line neighbourhood. Students find it easy to meet others from around the world, in addition to students at several nearby colleges through joint reception events.

“We are breaking barriers down by really having international students interact with everybody and become part of the greater community,” stated Director of the English Language Academy, Dan Stabb.

Studying English

The English Language Academy (ELA) enables students to prepare for academic programs at Harcum College or other universities in the US, offering full- and part-time English courses throughout the year, ranging from four to fifteen weeks. International students are encouraged to integrate into campus life, and the ELA organizes on-campus housing and dining accommodations.

Because the English Language Academy is an integral part of the school, Mr. Stabb believes it offers an excellent environment for international students seeking to learn English at a US college: “Our structure fits in with Harcum’s overall academic vision for how a student maximizes their achievements here. In addition, we have articulation agreements – if a student completes the advanced level of our English Language Academy, many schools will waive their TOEFL requirements.”

With an individualised teaching approach with academic support, Harcum College presents an exciting opportunity for those looking to study English at an American college that values diversity, community, and tradition.



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