ICEF: Strategic International Recruitment

Globalizing Education

“International education is an amazing opportunity for a student and for a country to recruit smart, young people from around the world who come and study and learn about Brazilian culture and make Brazilian friends,” stated Michael Henniger, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at ICEF, a worldwide leader in international education recruitment strategizing.

Founded 27 years ago, the company offers a wealth of solutions for institutions to globalize, including workshops, agent training programs, student resources and scholarships, and international news publications.

Mr. Henniger commented, “It’s going to grow the economy. I really believe in the principal of international education. I think all students should study abroad. The idea of international education is about making those connections – sharing our culture. It’s something that every faculty member and every student should be thinking about.”

ICEF’s workshops draw educators from around the world to locations like São Paulo, Montreal, Miami, and Berlin. These events enable educators and agents to schedule one-on-one meetings and connect strategically.

Agent Training Courses Uphold Industrys High Standards

In addition to organizing global events, ICEF offers professional training courses for international student recruitment agencies. Designed to strengthen and support the standards of global education recruiting, these courses help agents become successful players on the international education playing field. Specialized programs allow participants to focus on US or Canadian education recruitment.

Mr. Henniger commented, “We have four professional courses that agents can take to show higher levels of professionalism to the schools that they work with. We are very active in research and professionalizing the business side of the industry and the seminars.”

Planning for the Future

As a leader in the international student recruitment space, ICEF understands that navigating the waters of international education recruitment can be tricky. ICEF recommends that the recruitment strategy of agents and educators prioritizes student experiences, and the rest will follow.

“Have a student services plan in place and have a business plan in place. Make sure that the student experience is taken care of; it’s all about brand advocacy. If that student comes and they really have a valuable, positive experience, they are going to share it with their friends,” explained Mr. Henniger.

For those institutions looking to grow their international student numbers, ICEF welcomes you to join one of ICEF’s upcoming workshops taking place worldwide – from Mexico City to Moscow to Melbourne.



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