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Michigan State University’s English Language Center Offers a Program for Everyone

CEA accredited and centrally located in the heart of the Michigan State University (MSU) campus, the English Language Center (ELC) offers a wide range of programs for groups who want to focus on learning English, teaching English, or on improving their English skills for specialized purposes.

Preparing for a Career in English

Planning for a career in a global setting where business English is the tool of the trade? Pursuing a career in health but not confident with medical English terminology? The ELC prepares international students for specialized careers in English-speaking environments.

In the Medical English course, students learn to understand academic lectures in the health sciences, and are given opportunities to tour medical facilities while practicing English. For students interested in business, the Global Business English online course focuses on professional presentations and written communications.

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

For students studying to become English teachers, the ELC offers specialized teacher training programs that focus on the latest language teaching methods. Courses in this program include everything from Advanced Pragmatics of English to Assessment and Materials Development, and are available to groups of all levels.

The ELC Experience

Student groups from Brazil are welcome to the ELC for customized English programs and tailor-made experiences at MSU. In addition to Medical English, Business English, and teacher training courses, the ELC staff is happy to work with international groups to create specialized programs that meet students’ needs.

For more information about these programs, please email: specialprograms@elc.msu.edu.


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