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Accelerated English Studies at Michigan Tech

MichiganTechLocated on the scenic shores of Lake Superior, Michigan Technological University offers a supportive and intellectually stimulating environment for international students to learn English and continue their studies in a wide variety of fields including Forestry, Business, Technical Communication, and Media Studies. Currently, the largest number of Brazilian students are pursuing degrees in engineering – especially Electrical and Computer Engineering.

With a strong focus on English for Academic Purposes, the Intensive English as a Second Language (IESL) program has a reputation for preparing students for further study, both at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels. IESL Director Beatrice Smith notes, “We work with our students until they can transition successfully into their degree programs at Michigan Tech.”

Life as a Michigan Tech ESL Student

Students receive 24 hours of instruction and participate in 3 hours of extracurricular activities per week, over 14-week semester terms. At the advanced level, students are offered electives such as Advanced English for Business and Advanced English for Engineering. Students may also opt to participate in the two-semester bridge program, which helps them ease into academics at Michigan Tech while continuing to solidify their English skills.

IESL students come from many countries. The program welcomes cohorts of international students (including high school students) interested in tailor-made summer programs, and would like to see more Brazilian students across all of its programs. IESL program graduates who regularly act as voluntary ambassadors for the university often comment on the friendliness of the Michigan Tech and IESL communities.

Getting Ahead

Students who are doing exceptionally well move quickly through the IESL program. According to Dr. Smith, “The curriculum is designed to motivate students because we recognize that they came to Michigan Tech to do something else other than study the English language. We want to help them advance quickly and successfully to their academic majors.”

The CEA-accredited program boasts high retention rates of its graduates as they pursue their degrees at Michigan Tech. With classes kept small, IESL faculty are able to work with students individually to understand and help them meet their goals. “We help our students get into the things they are passionate about,” concluded Dr. Smith.

Testimonial from Brazilian student Roberto Araujo Ferreira:

After one year at Michigan Tech, I can say that the differential here is the whole institution wants the best for its students. Not just academically or professionally, but also personally. In addition to all huge opportunities the university provides such as great classes with very well prepared instructors, or countless research or job opportunities, Michigan Tech also make sure that the students have a good time out of the classrooms. There are complete entertainment programs for the students, including trips to explore the region, games of Michigan Tech’s sport team, parties, and every kind of recreation. All of these to guarantee that the students also have a enjoyable social life during their time studying here. If one is looking for a successful career, I would certainly recommend to have Michigan Tech as a choice.

Testimonial from Brazilian student Allenca Rolim:

My name is Allenca Rolim. I am from Brazil. My major is Engineering Management, and I am an International Student Athlete. My experience here at MTU has been nothing less than wonderful. The campus is great, beautiful and very well-equipped, for example, the library offers free computers, printers and a variety of books, and its open 24/7 for students. The teaching methods are different in every aspect, including the way professors are always willing to assist you, and if they cannot during class they schedule outside class appointments to try to help you as much as they can. Besides that, the university tries to offer all kinds of opportunities, such as work-study, careerfest, scholarships, research opportunities, and much more.


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