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Accelerating Careers in Silicon Valley at Mission College

The Institute for International Students (IIS) at Mission College prides itself on the care and individual attention given to its students, while offering pathways to the California University systems and innovative connections to Silicon Valley technology companies, promoting students’ academic and career goals.

Studying with IIS

The small student enrollment dovetails with the excellent instructors and staff to provide personal and committed support to all students. All IIS instructors hold master’s degrees and offer many years of teaching and career experience. Students enjoy small class sizes and access to a state-of-the-art language laboratory, with five start dates each year.

IIS students participate in cross-cultural activities, clubs, and field trips and benefit from personalized support. The office offers academic counselling, immigration support, housing advice, networking, post-Mission College academic placement services, and job and internship assistance.

MC2IT: Career Training and Internships in STEM

The innovative MC2IT program truly sets Mission College’s student opportunities apart in the field of STEM careers and opportunities.

MC2IT is designed to bridge the gap between needs in Silicon Valley’s technology industries and the availability of skilled local talent. The program provides industry-specific classes, mentorships, skills-based learning, workshops, and internship placements.

This program is particularly groundbreaking for international students, as MC2IT can help with job placements specifically within qualifying high-tech companies to satisfy visa requirements post-graduation.

“Two or three of our former IIS students who had OPT/CPT level visas are now working for a world-renowned computer company here in Silicon Valley,” said Director Carol Ferdinandsen Qazi. “The MC2IT program is a huge advantage we can offer our students.”

The Community College Advantage

By choosing a school like Mission College, students maximize their flexibility. Mission College students who complete their two-year associate degree can take advantage of California’s 2+2 program – a pathway into the California university systems for the final two years of undergraduate study. This means that students save thousands of dollars intuition, while still taking advantage of some of the best educational opportunities in the United States.

Because IIS offers a dual acceptance to a degree program and the intensive English program, and also does not require a TOEFL score for students who complete the highest level of the program, motivated international students can progress seamlessly toward their educational aspirations.

Northern California Context

Mission College is located in Santa Clara, a beautiful city in Silicon Valley. Students enjoy the laid-back Northern California culture as well as the easy access to San Francisco and the stunning Pacific Coast beaches.

From student services to local industry connections, Mission College offers excellent opportunities for international students.

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