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Missouri State University’s English Language Institute

Learner-centred Curriculum

The English Language Institute (ELI) features an excellent English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program that has been accredited by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation. The curriculum at the ELI is learner-centred and focused on both language and cultural skills to succeed at North American universities or in the workforce. Ten proficiency level placements follow 8-week terms, allowing for focused instruction addressing each student’s needs.

The ELI’s focus is to develop an excellent learning experience for language and academic skills. Individual courses develop specific academic and life skills, as well as critical thinking, while the approach across levels is to integrate language skills through recycling of topics, vocabulary, grammar constructs, and other elements. Courses are constantly updated and improved.

ELI Executive Director Dr. Jane Robison said, “We are always looking for ways to give students a better experience and to help them attain more knowledge, improve core language skills, and gain communicative competence.”

The ELI is integrated into the university, working in collaboration with the MA for Second Language Studies and the MA in TESOL. Students from these programs partner with the ELI for teaching, learning, and collaborative research.

Innovative Programs

Each year the ELI offers multiple specialized programs for various groups, interest areas, and professional tracks.

Previous short-term programs have included English for EMBA, Business English, leadership training, and test preparation courses. Programs of study can be customized in length and content according to the needs of the participants.

Adult Language and Culture programs are offered at various points in the year in both 4-and 8-week timeframes. Content-based courses not only provide language instruction, but also focus on topical subjects such as history, pop culture, and art. Youth programs cater to ages 12 to 18 in the Global Leadership Academy, which involves academic study, leadership training, and service projects in a college preparatory framework.

The teacher training program hosts English teacher groups from around the world, providing language instruction methodology and lessons in classroom management, cultural immersion, excursions, activities, and local classroom observation. The CELTA course is the only 5-week program offered in the US.

The innovative English for Musicians program partners with the Master of Music program for one semester of combined music-specific language training alongside ensemble performance, music lessons, and a music appreciation class. This unique program combines state-of-the-art music education with the English proficiency skills to maximize professional musicians’ career opportunities.

The International Community at MSU

Over 85 different nationalities are present on MSU’s campus. With 384 student clubs and programs in place, international students quickly settle into the friendly, energetic community and find a true American experience in Springfield.

A number of Brazilians have participated in MSU programs over the years, many through the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program, and the university welcomes additional students to come explore the full range of ELI’s excellent programs.


Student Testimonials

“The confidence I have today is because I have learned English language at the ELI. The ELI provided the tools I needed to excel in my academic work. To be successful in your university experience, begin with the English language Institute at Missouri State University.”
– Zainab ALShaikh (Saudi Arabia), former ELI student, received her the Master of Public Administration degree in May 2015

“I got to work on English skills at the same time I was interacting with other students from many different countries and cultures represented at the ELI. In class students focus on course work, they get prepared not only in English but also on how classes will look at the university. This is important because most of us come to ELI to prepare for university to study in a new system different from the one we had before.”
– Rene Kirezicyimanzi (Rwanda), former ELI student, earned his Master of Natural and Applied Science degree from Missouri State University in 2014

“Participating in the teacher training program was a unique experience to update and exchange some teaching experiences. I came back to Brazil with excellent ideas to develop in my classes. My students loved them. It was simply amazing.”
– Márcio Pantoja participated in the Brazil English Teachers USA program, 2013

“Springfield is an awesome town. Everything is conveniently located, so you can do necessary things in one place. The people who live in Springfield are really friendly. It is a great place to live and study.”
– Tsuyoshi Itagaki, former ELI student from Isesaki, Japan, is an undergraduate student in economics


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