North Seattle College


North Seattle College—A Unique Academic Offering

Over 1,000 students from 50 countries around the world attend North Seattle College (NSC), with 250 enrolled as ESL students and the remainder taking advantage of the excellent associate degree programs and certificate options available through the school. NSC also provides unique opportunities in college preparedness, particularly for international students.

Programs to Fit Your Needs

NSC’s academic offerings fit the requirements of practical vocational learning as well as preparation for further academic success. It is well regarded for its Bachelor of Applied Science degrees in international business and application development, and also for unique programs in early childhood education and nursing. In addition to this, NSC offers short-term programs, certificates, and an intensive English program.

The High School Completion Program

Many international students believe their only option for a US high school diploma is an expensive private school, but this joint degree program allows students to receive a nationally recognised high school diploma and an associate degree—effectively receiving two degrees in two years and jump-starting their future careers or university experiences.

Student Support

The brand-new Learning Center provides tutoring for every subject, including conversation time for language students—all free of charge. NSC is dedicated to student success and has made tutoring a priority service for all students.

Students benefit from dedicated and involved staff members, as well as a 24-hour contact system for international students’ families and agents. Weekly activities introduce them to new friends and get them out of their comfort zones, including ice skating and indoor skydiving. Weekly announcements go out to all students via email each Monday to inform them of upcoming events, program changes, transfer opportunities, and updates on F-1 student regulations.

All this happens in an ideal location. The school is five minutes from all necessary services—from housing to movie theaters to shopping. Also, NSC is only a 15-minute bus ride to downtown Seattle.

Fostering Leadership

School is about much more than classes. Each year, NSC hires students as ambassadors to represent their countries and other international students, communicating students’ needs and serving as student leaders. Students can also participate in the volunteer program where they will be connected to local organisations for service projects and receive a certificate of completion for each volunteer opportunity in which they participate.

NSC students graduate with résumés demonstrating their experience to prove their readiness for transferring into universities or to participate in OPT (Optional Practical Training) which allows them to have one year of full-time work experience in their field of study.

Transfer Acceptance Guarantee

Many students choose NSC as a stepping-stone to further studies in the United States. Whether they start as ESL students, High School Completion students, or enroll in associate degree programs, NSC’s transfer partnerships guarantee that graduates with good academic standing will be automatically accepted to excellent universities, continuing their educational journeys.

Student Testimonials

Marlon Do Couto, Business major and Fulbright Scholarship recipient (Brazil):
“Seattle offers a great cultural experience to students. Here I learn a lot not only about American culture but about many other cultures from around the globe. North Seattle College is a great reflection of that diversity. Here, besides the great neighbourhood with lots of entertainment and outdoors around, I get to experience a super friendly campus with a great staff that goes the extra step in helping students.”

Xingchen Fan, Business major (China):
“For me, North Seattle College is not only a place for academic study, but also for experiencing diverse cultures, learning how to live independently, and gaining leadership skills. I really like the location of the school, in the middle of a safe community. Also, the professors here are very thoughtful and friendly; they have helped me a lot in my studies. NSC is a turning point for me and, I believe, for most of the students who study here. The teachers, advisors and staff help you achieve your dreams.”



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