School Index

BBR would like to thank all the institutions that went into the making of the ESL Report.

Additional schools

Avila University ILCPIntensive Language and Cuture ProgramnMO Small school with under 2,000 students, 10% of all students are international
Students get involved in service projects with the community
Free courses in the afternoon for students such as pronunciation and conversation
Azusa Pacific UniversityAmerican Language & Culture Institute Committed to developing a whole person, not just their English skills, with courses in leadership and capstone projects
Offers unique programs such as AIM which connects students to the community and CUE summer program which give students a taste of life at various universities
International students are treated as special guests - the campus goes above and beyond to provide for their needs, including tutoring, mentoring, activities, and welcoming them as family
Chemeketa Community College, IEPIntensive EnglishOR Strong career development planning
All the resources of a large university with a small college feel
Highlights service with lots of opportunities for students to get involved
Colorado School of EnglishIntensive English ProgramCO Open enrollment and flexibility - students are able to progress through levels at their own pace
Students can customize their learning track with a focus on test preparation, English for Academic Purposes, or professional goals
All teachers have master's degrees and three-plus-years experience teaching abroad which allows teachers to empathize with students, making them feel comfortable and relaxed in the learning environment
Creighton University, Intensive English Language InstituteIntensive English Language InstituteNE Locally and nationally ranked, ESL students study on campus and are considered Creighton students with access to all the same activities and events of degree-seeking students
Dedicated to keeping class sizes small (1:6 teacher to student ratio) in order to help students progress as quickly as possible
Interested in university partnerships, faculty exchange programs, and collaborations with universities in Brazil
Diablo Valley CollegeIntensive English Program CA Located in the beautiful Diablo Valley with easy access to both Los Angeles and San Francisco, the outdoors, sporting events, and volunteer opportunities
Small class sizes of up to 15 students and a faculty that all possess TESOL master's degrees and have lived abroad, therefore have a deep understanding of the challenges of living abroad
Offers a Conditional Admissions program that allows students to transition straight into Diablo Valley College
Embry-Riddle Language InstituteIntensive English ProgramFL Located close to the ocean with the opportunity to engage in various cultural activities including Disney World
Incredible opportunity for students interested in STEM, 75% of ESL students transfer to Embry-Riddle University
Offers booster and introductory courses in culture, designed to introduce international students to American culture
Global Language InstituteIntensive English ProgramMN Located in the beautiful city of Berkeley 20 minutes from San Francisco, allowing for close partnerships and collaborations with University of California Berkeley
Offers many opportunities to get involved in the community including a unique volunteer program
Offers a Business Immersion Language Program that is specifically for Brazilian students groups of 15 or more
InterlinkIntensive English ProgramCO Offers a strong University Pathway Program; 90% of ESL students go on to attend Indiana State
Large focus on creating a diverse community with opportunities for international students to volunteer with local nonprofits
Distributes generous scholarships for Brazilians with impressive GPAs
IntraxEnglish ProgramsCA Utilizes a conversation-centered approach to learning (75% conversation based) which accelerates student learning in a practical way
Specialized English for Professional Purposes program
Boasts a new program focused on connecting students with local entrepreneurs in order to accelerate conversation and networking skills
KENT STATE UNIVERSITYESL CenterOH Bridge courses to assist first time students beginning university
Great summer program
Undergraduate programs highlight: Business, Computer Science, Architecture
Lamar University (TIEP)English as a Second LanguageTX Highly focused on engineering and located in an area engaged in the energy industry
Offers a Bridge program with the option to be conditionally admitted to Lamar University
Offers summer programs for ESL students and customizses specialized 4-week programs for groups
Lewis & Clark College (Academic English Studies)Academic English StudiesOR Provides courses for non-native English speakers to develop academic English and intercultural competency for success
Offers content-based classes designed to foster necessary critical thinking and 21st century skills needed to participate in higher education learning and as global citizens
Engages students and faculty with the greater Lewis & Clark campus and Portland communities, recognizing the importance of diversity and inclusion in creating an ideal learning environment
Madison English as a Second Language ProgramEnglish as a Second Language ProgramWI Amazing one-on-one attention given to each student
Offers a University Pathway Program Program in order to prepare students for their future in university
Organizes weekly activities for students such as visiting farmers markets and going to the movies, demonstrating a commitment to learning while also having fun
NAZARETH COLLEGEAmerican Language InstituteNY Diverse student body including many students from Latin America
Located near beautiful Niagara Falls, offering both nature and culture
Individualized approach with intimate, family-like feeling for students
NORTHERN KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY l American English Language ProgramAmerican English Language ProgramKY Small classes allow instruction to be catered to students needs
Offers summer sessions to allow students to pass levels in a shorter amount of time which is cost effective and helps students excel at a quicker pace
Offers conditional admission to Northern Kentucky University, which allows students to enroll in either undergraduate classes or a graduate program
Pittsburg State UniversityIntensive English ProgramKS Individualized approach to teaching
Great value for education
Located in small, safe town, centrally located for travel in other parts of the United States
Q International SchoolEnglish Language SchoolCA Located in the heart of San Diego with access to malls, grocery stores, restaurants, and beaches
Offers top-notch technology facilities including smart classrooms, computer labs, and tablets for all students to use
Offers career counseling, academic advising, and test preparation programs
Red Rocks Community CollegeIntensive English ProgramCO Very strong curriculum in STEM fields
Over 25 countries represented, showcasing a strong commitment to international students
Located in Colorado, a state with a plethora of outdoor activities and beautiful scenery
Savannah College of Art and DesignSCAD Language StudioGA Located in the college town of Chico, the campus is diverse and inclusive of all students and their backgrounds
History of hosting Brazilians and offers a Conditional Admissions program which is highly attractive to ESL students
Committed to excellence with a quality teaching staff and a rigorous curriculum
Selnate International SchoolEnglish as a Second Language CourseUT Close to nature and the 6th safest city in the US
An official TOEFL test center that offers test preparation
Offers summer youth programs for language learning
South Seattle College (Intensive English Program)Intensive English ProgramNY Have a faculty member in Brazil, showcasing commitment to Brazilian students
Large ESL program with quality supportive services offering unique programs such as Aviation, Maintenance, and Hospitality Management
Community college is 40%-60% less expensive than universities
SOUTHEAST MISSOURI STATE UNIVERSITY l Intensive English ProgramIntensive English ProgramMO Flexible placement of students in class levels that are appropriate for their individual learning needs ensures that students progress and continue to improve
Offers a Bridge program and encourages ESL students to take courses on the Southeast Missouri State University campus which integrates students into campus life
Boasts one of the highest percentages of international students in Missouri with over 55 countries represented
Southern Oregon University l Intensive English ProgramIntensive English ProgramOR The town of Ashland has a small town feel, safe environment, tigh- knit community, and a plethora of outdoor activities
Offers small class sizes with a dedicated group of instructors who are focused on student success and boutique advising
Offers customizable programs based on the group's interests, needs, and industry
Texas A&M University Texarkana, Intensive English ProgramIntensive English ProgramTX Seamless Bridge program for ESL students
Brand new STEM innovation laboratory
Impressive dorm facilities
The Ashland Center for English Studies (ACCESS)IEP/ACCESS ProgramOH Student-centered curriculum with six different start dates
CEA-accredited institution with highly trained faculty members all holding master's degrees in TESOL or Applied Linguistics
ESL students shadow degree courses and meet with professors to get a better idea of what classes are like
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro - Part of InterlinkEnglish as a Second Language ProgramNC Maintains a strong relationship with the host campus by using campus classrooms and participating in university activities, allowing for students to easily transition to the university
Teaches a project-based curriculum which incorporates learning both inside and outside of the classroom
Awards incredible scholarships to Brazilian students
TLC BerkelyIntensive English ProgramCA Located in the vibrant city of Berkeley, just a few blocks from the UC-Berkeley campus and an easy commute to the city of San Francisco
Offers students small class sizes (4 to 8 students) allowing students to flourish and receive more individual attention
Offers a variety of activities such as conversation partners, educational workshops, and extracurricular outings in order to integrate international students into the school and area
Tulsa Community CollegeEnglish as a Second Language ProgramOK Students have access to all amenities on campus and are warmly welcomed
Cost of living is affordable and life has a slower pace
Robust ESL program with students from all over the world in attendance
UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL MISSOURIEnglish Language CenterMO Highly qualified, supportive instructors of the IEP conduct small class sizes to ensure student success.
Small town college feel with all the school activities and events available to ESL students
Conditional admissions path for students and diverse programs in aviation, business, and the stem fields
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTAIntensive English ProgramMN A leading ESL school established in 1968
Maintains conditional agreements with four universities in Minnesota, sending 80% of students on to continue university study
University of MontanaEnglish Language InstitutesMT Located on the University of Montana campus, ESL students are considered UM students, further integrating them into American and university culture
Offers unique professional English programs including English for Law Enforcement and English for Medical Careers
Participates in the prestigious Humphrey Fellowship Program which trains teachers to provide a high level of instruction to students
University of North FloridaEnglish Language ProgramFL Integration into student life for ESL students is prioritized
Volunteer opportunities for ESL students to build their résumés
Strong community of Brazilians on campus
UNIVERSITY OF WEST FLORIDAIntensive English ProgramFL Located on a nature preserve, close to the beach and the gulf of Mexico, presenting a familiar environment for Brazilian students
The 12:1 ratio of students to teachers ensures a quality education and individual student attention
The Cultural Ambassador Program partners Brazilian students with UWF students to provide cultural learning, social activities, and friendship
Urban Planet MobileNC In 2011, Writing Planet’s global team collected thousands of essays written in English by non-native English learners from 41 countries. Submitted electronically, these essays were graded by trained professionals at Measurement Incorporated North Carolina headquarters. The PEG assessment engine was then “trained” with data from the expert Measurement Inc human evaluators. Writing Planet, therefore, is the only automated writing assessment tool developed with and for international writers of English.
A.C.E. Language InstituteIntensive English ProgramWA Offers an intensive and customizable program based on student's language needs and interests
Brazilians receive 15% off tuition
Four university campus locations spread throughout the country
Loyola University New Orleans and Loyola Intensive English ProgramIntensive English ProgramLA Located in the vibrant city of New Orleans, Loyola University offers highly-ranked ESL, music, business, and law programs
Provides private tutors who work with students one-on-one in order to ensure achievement of academic goals
As a Jesuit school, Loyola teaches values that help students find success both inside and outside the classroom
University of Northern Colorado, Intensive English ProgramIntensive English ProgramCO Seamless provisional admissions
Connects students with Friendship Families, American Ambassadors, and conversation partners
Opportunities for students to ski, hike, and whitewater raft in the Rocky Mountains
Arkansas State University, The International Center for EnglishThe International Center for EnglishAR Innovative courses such as Current Events, Film, and Journalism
Special staff dedicated to producing an activities calendar for students to get out into the community and have fun while learning and practicing English
Students who complete the ESL program are automatically accepted into undergraduate programs. From beginner to university, the program can take one academic year.
Atlanta English InstituteIntensive English ProgramGA Small class sizes, quality professors, and affordable tuition
Offers Top Intensive English Program and Test Preparation Programs
Several outstanding resources available to students such as a library, shuttle, computer labs, and a lively student community
California ESL Language AcademyEnglish Language ProgramsCA A boutique family-owned and operated school that strives to make every student feel like part of the family
A maximum class size of ten students allows teachers to customize each lesson to the student's specific needs and goals
A hands on approach allows much of the learning to take place outside of the classroom through fun activities in a real world setting
California State University, San Bernardino - International Extension Programs (IEP)International Extension ProgramsCA Located in beautiful Southern California, close to major cities such as Los Angeles and Las Vegas as well as the beach and mountains
Rigorous ESL curriculum and high-quality instruction with a focus on cultural and social activities to provide integrated experience
Affordable housing options including an incredible homestay program which includes three meals and transportation to and from campus
California State University, SonomaAmerican Language InstituteCA A family environment for international students located in the natural beauty of Sonoma County, one hour to the north of San Francisco
Incredible academic programs, intimate class sizes, and quality teachers all contribute to the success of students
Strong interest in furthering university partnerships in Brazil and exploring faculty exchange as well
CSU San MarcosAmerican Language and Culture InstituteCA Located in the foothills of northern San Diego County just a short distance from Southern California’s best beaches and museums, and the night life of downtown San Diego, Cal State San Marcos is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.
Offers industry-specific English programs in areas such as business, medical, and technology
Offers conditional admission, TOEFL/IELTS-waiver, and opportunities for university bridge program, permitting students to take 1-2 university courses with their ESL courses.
English Studies InstituteIntensive English ProgramCALocated in the beautiful city of Berkeley, allowing for close partnerships and collaborations with Cal Berkeley.
Offers many opportunities to get involved in the community including a unique volunteer-oriented summer program.
Offers a Business Immersion Language Program that is specifically for Brazilian students.
ICLS (International Center for Language Studies)English as a Second LanguageDC Located in Washington, D.C., a cultural hub for international business, U.S. history and culture, entertainment and recreational activities
Offers goal-oriented English for Professionals program, Intensive English Program, and highly customizable group programs
Achieved the distinguished10-year CEA accreditation
LSIEnglish Language CoursesNY Dedicated to providing quality programs and a top teaching staff for over 50 years
Offers unique programs aside from Intensive English, such as Club 40+ and summer programs for youth
Highly recommended by former students which attests to the incredible experience LSI provides to students
Mentora CollegeIntensive ESL ProgramDC Located in Washington, D.C.
13 levels and 20 electives available
Preparation programs for TOEFL iBT, GMAT, SAT, GRE, and IETLS
National University - San DiegoEnglish Language ProgramCA Campus is located 9 miles from the beach in San Diego CA, a city with a strong Brazilian culture.
A rigorous curriculum and excellent university preparation courses.
Dedicated to the blended language learning philosophy, incorporating both technology and in person instruction for students
North Carolina State University – Intensive English ProgramIntensive English ProgramNC Welcomes both conditionally-admitted students and IEP-only students to its regular 15 week and summer 9 week programs.
Strong support systems and assistance provided by faculty and NC State student mentors allow students to learn American English and culture both inside and outside of the classroom
Availability of smart classrooms, language labs, and free tutoring services which create an extra level of learning and support for students
St. Giles San FranciscoEnglish Language SchoolCA Small class sizes (averaging 10 students per class)
Platinum program where business professionals can target their studies, such as English for IT, in classes with 5 or fewer students
Family owned since 1955
Temple UniversityIntensive English Language ProgramPA Located in Philadelphia, a big city that feels small and is known for history, food, and culture, close to New York and other cultural hubs
Dedicated student services staff at the IELP. Access to various university student services, including disability assistance and tutoring, as well as many student groups active in the university and community
Great value for quality education - more affordable than other universities in the area
University of California, Irvine ExtensionIntensive English Language ProgramCA Located in incredible Southern California on the beautiful UC Irvine campus
Offers three options of ESL and content study: English, professional, university
In the Undergraduate Pathway program, over 90% of students admitted to UCI, and consistently outperform domestic and international students
University of Florida English Language InstituteEnglish Language InstituteFL One of the first university-based intensive English programs in the country, located in a small town filled with innovation and art
Intensive academic English curriculum prepares students for study at US universities and colleges
Offers a Cultural Immersion Program (CIP) with activities and outings every afternoon and weekend, allowing students to fully immerse themselves in American culture
University BridgeportEnglish Language InstituteCT Located on the scenic coast of the Long Island sound close to New York City, the campus is diverse with over 80 countries represented
The program focuses on teaching English for Academic Purposes. Students who choose to pursue academic programs upon completion of language training will be considered for academic merit scholarships.
95% of Brazilian undergraduate students who completed their program now have internships
Clackmas Community College (English as a Second Language)English as a Second LanguageOR International students who complete the Program for Intensive English can be admitted directly to the college without a TOEFL or IELTS score
Highly trained faculty members all hold MA degrees and participate regularly in professional development
Classes have 15-30 students of diverse nationalities, ages, and backgrounds.
Converse International School of Languages San FranciscoIntensive English ProgramCA CEA accredited Intensive ESL training for international students in San Diego and San Francisco since 1972
Small class size (maximum of 8 students per class) allows for a personalized learning experience so students can achieve results more quickly and gain a lot of confidence in expressing themselves in English
Programs include Intensive English, Business English, Academic English, Test Preparation, Juniors Program, and Executive English
English Language CenterIntensive English ProgramMA Located in the heart of the cities, the three ELC locations provide learning in a safe community
Offers a Juniors program which allows high school students to partake in activities such as surfing and photography
Provides multi-level placement to ensure students are receiving an education tailored to their individual needs, longer lessons (50 mins), smaller class sizes (9 to 10 students), and 12 English levels.
Hocking CollegeEnglish as a Second LanguageOH Offers University Pathway Programs with transfer module and conditional admissions
Offers distinctive programs through the culinary school and fine arts department
Students have the option to live in on-campus dorms
Pacific University, English Language Institute (ELI)English Language Institute (ELI)OR Located near the city of Portland known for great food, arts, and culture as well as amazing outdoor activities such as kayaking, hiking, and snowboarding
Welcoming and diverse campus that strives to seamlessly integrate ESL students into campus life
Offers a Bridge program and supportive breakout sessions to help students adapt to university classes and prepare them for full-time degree courses
Brookhaven CollegeIntensive English ProgramTX Excellent value for quality education
Easily accessible from Brazil, near Dallas/Fort Worth airport
Multicultural campus
Humboldt State University, IELIIntensive English ProgramCA ESL program has flexible start dates and a great Bridge program to help students get into university
Strong Brazilian community as well as many international students
Located on the coast of Northern California with access to beaches, mountains, and outdoors activities
ILA (International Language Academy of Washington DC)Intensive EnglishVA Founded on the basis of excellence in education, where learning becomes an extraordinary interactive experience, offering many varied programs including an Intensive English Program, Business English, Legal English, and Test Preparation
CEA accredited, small class sizes, and flexible entry points (with sessions starting every month)
Committed to welcoming more Brazilian students
Inlingua (Inlingua Washington DC)English as a Second LanguageDC Established in 1983, CEA accredited, and has partnerships with more than 60 universities
Offers an English for Academic Purposes program with personalized attention from a dedicated staff
Located in vibrant Washington, D.C., a city known for politics, museums, and history
Language Systems DTLAEnglish as a Second LanguageCA Offers a variety of programs (including a teacher training program and several test preparation classes) and affordable tuition; Brazilians can attend without a TOEFL score
Highly qualified and caring faculty at all four locations
A variety of sponsored activities and events that allow students to learn about American culture
Michigan State University English Language CenterIntensive English ProgramMI One of the oldest ESL program in the United States, with ESL education integrated into many fields of study
Strong diversity on campus: 13% international students
Opportunities to engage in extra-curricular activities including organized weekend outings
Mississippi State UniversityEnglish as a Second Language CenterMS Known for engineering and agricultural programs
Located in a safe, hospitable southern town
Great value for a quality education
NORTHERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITYEnglish Language InstituteMI Offers an academic Intensive English Program at a university campus, a summer program, extra language practice, and cultural immersion
Affordable and flexible option with hands-on learning opportunities such as academic service learning
Located in a friendly city on the shores of the biggest of the Great Lakes with an environment that lets students experience the four seasons
Saint Michael’s College: a University in Vermont, USA - SentEnglish Language ProgramsVT Academically focused university with the second oldest language program in the US.
Located in beautiful Vermont, a safe and health-conscious state with abundant outdoor activities.
Excellent student-centered programs including an Intensive English Program and a University Pathway Program that allows students to receive full credit for their undergraduate programs while studying English
Santa Barbara City College ELSPEnglish as a Second Language ProgramCA Consistently ranked among the top community colleges in the US
Located minutes from the Pacific Ocean in Southern California
Award winning in quality of faculty and student services
SUNY - Buffalo (English Language Institute)English Language InstituteNY Offers Intensive English programs, ESL programs, non-credit evening programs, and summer programs
Has over 40 years experience in providing quality ESL programs and great support to students
Home of The Clinical and Translational Research Center and The GRoW (Garden Relax or Work) Home, which is participating in the US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon
The Language AcademyIntensive English ProgramFL ACCET-accredited school offering programs for professionals and students alike, including tailored executive courses, private lessons, English Specific Purpose (ESP), a general English program, TKT, university preparation programs, and junior programs
Located in Fort Lauderdale, an upscale city with a young population that has been called the "Venice of America"
Interested in welcoming more Brazilians students at all levels
The University of Texas at Austin, ELPEnglish Language ProgramTX Strong community of Brazilians in vibrant and creative US city
Customizable programs for various cohorts
Strong engineering programs (chemical, civil, mechanical)
UCEDA InstituteEnglish as a Second Language ProgramNJ A caring, family-owned business with excellent Intensive English Programs, TOEFL test preparation, and summer programs
A flexible, affordable program with numerous locations in the US
Committed to welcoming more Brazilian students
University of Colorado Colorado SpringsEnglish Language CenterCO Intensive English Program offered alongside many other UCCS programs including, business and computer science
Conditional Admissions program allows qualified international students to be accepted
Located in the heart of the beautiful Rocky Mountains
University of Michigan - DearbornEnglish as a Second Language EndorsementMI Offers diverse, affordable programs such as English for Academic Purposes, summer programs, and customized programs
Accredited ELPP and certified to ensure students get excellent training in English.
Courses taught by highly qualified instructors with lots of experience
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN-FLINTEnglish as a Second Language EndorsementMI English courses are taught by TESOL-trained instructors who have experience teaching and living abroad
Forward thinking approach with a unique focus on civic engagement and special activities for international students to learn about and adapt to American culture
Offers a variety of supportive services including free tutoring, academic advising, and cultural adaptation
University of San Francisco, IEPIntensive English ProgramCA Located in the heart of San Francisco
ESL summer program focused on academic English
Students have access to homestay program or living on campus in San Francisco
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINAEnglish Programs for InternationalsSC Offers an Intensive English Program, special English, and test preparation, among many courses geared toward international students
Affordable tuition at a top-ranked accredited university
Ready to welcome Brazilian students with southern hospitality in a safe, clean, historic American city
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Intensive English ProgramIntensive English ProgramWI Offers a variety of tracks for intensive English study, including English for Professionals, Bridge program, exam preparation, and the opportunity to take undergraduate and graduate courses
Dedicated to education, leadership, responsiveness, service, and sustainability
Ready to welcome Brazilian students to its Intensive English Program
WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITYEnglish Language InstituteMI Learner-centered program focused on collaborative and innovative learning to prepare students to succeed in a global society
The only intensive English language program in the metropolitan Detroit area with over 40 years of experience
Strong programs in medicine, engineering, and connections to the GM and Ford auto industry
WESTERN CAROLINA UNIVERSITYIntensive English ProgramIL Innovative programs at the Kimmel School and AACSB-accredited College of Business - including an executive training program for business professionals starting in 2016, a short-term teacher training program, and an Intensive English Program
Provides a quality education to more than 10,000 students from 48 states and 35 countries.
Invites Brazilian students to study at its beautiful and safe location in the mountains
Western Illinois UniversityEnglish as a Second Language InstituteIL Does not require a GRE score for admissions
Strong in STEM fields - math, computer science, physics, chemistry, and also has an MBA program
Has over 500 international students located in a small town in Western Illinois where students are able to focus on academics
Western Michigan University, CELCISThe Center for English Language & CultureMI "Ranked as one of the top 100 public universities in the United States in 2015 by Washington Monthly."
Great amenities including new dormitories, free public transportation and access to the student recreation center, sports games, free airport pickup, and easy access to Chicago and Detroit
Service-Learning program with many volunteer opportunities
New York Institute of Technology – New York CityEnglish Language InstituteNY Top technology programs in the US
Located in the heart of New York City
Globally minded institution and education
New York Language CenterEnglish as a Second Language CenterNY One of the largest and most respected English language schools in New York
Building a curriculum focused on academic English for University Pathway Programs
Committed to staying connected to the needs of students from over 100 countries through live chats
Pierce College, IEPIntensive English ProgramCA Located only 45 min from Seattle a leading technology hub in the United States
Opportunity to earn college credit while completing your high school diploma
Offers a welcoming environment for Brazilian students on a multi-cultural campus in one of the most diverse regions in the United States.
University of WashingtonEnglish Language ProgramsWA Located in the heart of Seattle, with programs for undergraduates and graduates (including summer programs)
Offers a wide variety of international and English language programs that are some of the largest and most established in the US
Committed to Brazil through previous participation with Brazil Scientific Mobility Program (BSMP) and welcomes additional Brazilians
Valdosta State UniversityThe English Language InstituteGA Small class sizes and strong varied programs including a Pre-academic English program and summer programs as well as fun, integrated activities
Renowned computer science and engineering programs with a pathway to Georgia Tech (VSU ranks #1 in Engineering Transfer Program acceptance to Georgia Tech).
Safe, quiet, and friendly community with a commitment to making Brazilian students feel at home
CaMLA (CAMBRIDGE MICHIGAN LANGUAGE ASSESSMENT)Test CenterMI Joint venture between the University of Michigan and Cambridge English Language Assessment with more than 500 test centers internationally
Offers internationally-recognized American English tests to help educational, governmental, and private sector institutions meet their language-assessment needs
Committed to Brazil by establishing 20 in-country locations
Columbia West CollegeIntensive ESLCA A family run business that cares deeply about its students and their futures
Offers unique programs, including a University Pathway Program, Business English and direct transfer to a Hospitality Management Certificate/ Paid Hotel Internship Program for F-1 Student Visa holders
Utilizes a unique teaching approach called the CWC Success System that includes free tutoring, free monthly language workshops, a free native English speaker conversation program, and a robust activities calendar that includes events such as comedy shows, school picnics & bbq's and trips to museums and amusement parks.
Indiana University of PennsylvaniaAmerican Language InstitutePA Over 30 years of experience offering Intensive English Programs, English teachers' programs, and ALI-IUP Bridge program
University within the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education with the most robust international students community (6%)
Eager to welcome Brazilian students into unique programs including, Undergraduate, Master's, Doctoral, and Culinary Arts
NESEIntensive English ProgramMA Ranked in the top English schools in Brazil due to high academic quality.
Divides residences and classes not only by English Level, but also by age groups. This helps students to get more specific attention.
Showcases its commitment to Brazil by the school's local presence in Brazil and its interest in welcoming more Brazilian students.
Northern Arizona UniversityProgram in Intensive EnglishAZ Offers a challenging academic environment with many supportive services
Located in Flagstaff, 30 minutes from Sedona with many outdoor activities and a lively community
Dedicated teaching faculty and activity coordinator
Northern State UniversityAcademic English ProgramSD Extremely affordable Academic English Program (AEP)
Dedicated advisors to assist AEP students with entry into university
Great science, international business, and performing arts programs
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN INDIANAInternational English ProgramIN Focused on American cultural integration, including cultural events and trips to popular American locations
Beautiful, small campus located in the heart of America
All teachers for IEP program have master's degrees, are caring, and supportive
Valparaiso University (INTERLINK Language Center - Valparaiso)English as a Second Language ProgramIN Teaches project-based learning where students learn by participating in authentic activities
Strong support services including cultural orientation, academic preparation, university placement, and conditional admission
Offers tuition scholarships based on a student's grade point average (GPA)
Virginia Commonwealth UniversityEnglish Language ProgramsVA One of the largest ESL programs on the East Coast with a highly dedicated faculty focused on GRE preparation, TOEFL preparation, engineering, and business English.
Excellent location for learning English, traveling and meeting new friends
Offers partial scholarships and accepts conditional admission without an IBT or IELTS score with customizable short-term English programs available January and February
Boasts a leading medical center and top art school.
Eastern Washington University (English Language Institute)English Language InstituteWA Offers diverse programs such as Intensive English Programs, graduation preparation, summer programs, as well as English support classes, ensuring the highest quality of education for students.
Renowned public university with strong undergraduate and graduate programs.
Located close to the city of Spokane and minutes from more than 20 lakes, beautiful mountains and the Turnbull National Wildlife refuge.
University of Nevada, RenoIntensive English Language CenterNV The Intensive English Language Center at the University of Nevada, Reno has been offering high quality intensive English instruction for the last 30 years. Classes are affordable and offered year-round.
The Intensive English Program is CEA accredited and offers supportive services for students outside the classroom including: a comprehensive orientation program, a conversation partner program, and weekly cultural and social activities.
Located in Reno, Nevada a city that gets 300 days of sunshine with a plethora of outdoor activities in the area. Students can ski within a 30 minute drive from campus, or kayak a short walk from the University.
Baruch College - CUNY (Center for English Language)Center for English LanguageNY Offers a variety of programs: Academic Intensive English, General ESL, Business ESL, ESL Test Preparation, and English Express
Expertise and a long history of providing both on-campus traditional classes to individual students and flexible corporate programs to institutions from around the world (including online options)
Interested in building collaborations and welcoming more Brazilian students to campus
Boston School of Modern LanguagesIntensive English ProgramMA America’s first and most respected English Language School in the US established in 1925. BSML has an outstanding reputation and a significant number of their students come to the school by word of mouth.
Highly qualified teaching staff that is university-educated and specializes in teaching English as a second language and have taught for more than 14 years
Personalized attention (average of eight students per class) and long-lasting relationships with many 2nd and 3rd generation students returning.
Their motto is "ENGLISH! Learn it, Live it, Love it… at BSML!"
The University of Wisconsin–Eau ClairEnglish as a Second Language ProgramWI Boasts various student resources such as time management classes, host friends, conversation partner programs, and a student body involved in many university organizations
The 2015 edition of "America's Best Colleges" ranks UW-Eau Claire No. 6 among the top regional public universities in the Midwest and 33rd among all private and public institutions in the Midwest
Located in a small, friendly, and safe city with great quality of life and four seasons
Worcester State UniversityIntensive English Language InstituteMA Very diverse ESL program with students from around the world
Academically rigorous ESL program that prepares students for university or professional success.
ESL program meets the requirements for an F1 visa