SUNY Stony Brook


SUNY Stony Brook—Top Academics near New York City

Students at SUNY Stony Brook’s Intensive English Center (IEC) have the best opportunities an international student could hope for – a peaceful village setting near Long Island’s beaches, close proximity to New York City, and a host university that is one of the top-ranked research institutions in the United States.

Bridging Career Goals with Results

Stony Brook’s IEC focuses its courses on highly motivated students who desire to improve their English for academic purposes. Students enroll in the program both at the undergraduate and graduate levels, knowing that English skills will help their career prospects as well as enabling their higher education aspirations in the United States.

Both semester-long and a six-week summer programs allow for intensive language study, cultural immersion, and travel in the New York area.

IEC students are housed in the university’s dorms and are welcome to take part in all campus activities and the vibrant social and academic life at Stony Brook.

A Top-Tier Academic Institution

Stony Brook is a member of the prestigious American Association of Universities, distinguishing it as a top public research institution alongside several top Ivy League schools.

Some of Stony Brook’s top-ranked programs include Engineering, Medicine, Social Work, and Political Science. Its nationally recognized research centers for marine science, physical sciences, mathematics, and biotechnology employ student researchers.

Because Stony Brook is a New York State University, the tuition and fees are much lower than most top-tier institutions.

Conditional Admissions

International students with strong academic records, but lower language ability, can be accepted to Stony Brook though conditional admissions. They begin their studies at the English Center then are fully matriculated into undergraduate or graduate programs upon completion of their language study.

An Active Campus

Stony Brook is a hamlet on Long Island, pairing rustic charm with the close proximity of Manhattan. This gives students the best possible context for peaceful study, while the cosmopolitan opportunities of New York City are just a short train ride away.

“Students love our campus,” said IEC Assistant Director Jessica Annibale. “In addition to academics, they have access to the sports facilities, the recreation center, the performing arts venues, and all student clubs and events. Our campus is a dynamic, engaging place to live. ”



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