St. John’s University, The Language Connection


Flexible English Language Programs in the Cultural Hub of New York City

The Language Connection (TLC) is an ESL student’s dream come true: studying English and experiencing American culture in the heart of New York City. TLC is home to the English Language Institute at St. John’s University. The university enrolls more than 1,300 international students, hailing from over 110 countries.

Flexible Scheduling and Accommodations

Beyond its prime location, TLC has many distinct advantages for its international student body. To accommodate different academic calendars, TLC holds six sessions throughout the year. Each session is seven weeks long.

“In addition to our high-quality curriculum, highly trained teachers, and academic rigor,” shared Director Christina Quartararo, “we offer what other programs do not in New York City – three campuses so students can choose to live and study where it is best for them.”

Variety of Language Study Options

Students at TLC may choose from a variety of language study options including academic skills workshops and electives designed to meet the particular language needs of special groups, such as STEM students. Additionally, TLC provides customized programs which have included:

  • An ESL teacher training and language enhancement program for students from Brazil and Argentina
  • A pre-academic program for Fulbright Graduate Students
  • Junior Study Vacation programs for teenagers around the world
  • Language and Culture programs for Korean and Japanese university students

Conditional Admission

Students who complete the highest language level at TLC can benefit from conditional admission to undergraduate and graduate programs at St. John’s. This is excellent news for those dreading the TOEFL. As long as students fulfill the academic prerequisites, the university’s TOEFL requirement is waived.

In recent years, St. John’s has become a popular destination for Brazilian students on scholarship initiatives. Ms. Quartararo hopes that the next few years will see a further increase in students from Brazil, not only from the STEM fields, but also from the humanities.




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