Top 10 Reasons to Study English in the US


Choosing to study English abroad is a huge leap into opportunity and adventure. Here are ten reasons to make the US your home for English language learning!

1. Experience Life in the US

Signing up for an educational experience means diving into life in that country. You’ll be part of a community, busy with campus activities, travel, cultural events, and the wide-open possibilities of life in the US.

2. Bridge to Future Academic Opportunities

If your goal is continued academic study in the US, beginning with an ESL program is a great place to start. Many programs have University Pathway and Bridge programs, offering conditional admission to degree programs when ESL studies are complete.

3. Benefit from a Variety of Program Opportunities

You can choose an Ivy League university or a community college, located in a city or small town. Community colleges are particularly useful for flexible, cost-effective study options that can lead to career certifications or bridge to four-year degrees. You will find that programs have different study focuses, academic transfer programs, work placements, and more. Your options are almost endless!

4. Experience Unique Traditions and Local Cultures

From small-town garage sales and country fairs to s’mores (the most delicious camping food ever invented), immerse yourself in US culture. Attend a tailgate party before an American football game. Check out Halloween adventures with corn mazes and haunted houses. Students in the Midwest can enjoy fresh cheese curds while students in the South eat gumbo and cornbread. The US is full of local traditions and cultures to explore!

5. Develop American English Skills

Language immersion encourages skills to develop quickly, maximizing your learning and English abilities and learning about American culture. In many cases, these language skills can be specialized to your particular skills and interests so that your English expertise is matched by the professional vocabulary you need Learn more about specialized programs here.

6. Explore the US

Make the most of your study abroad and see some of the world’s most iconic places. Visit New York City, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Yellowstone National Park, The Great Lakes, Hollywood, Niagara Falls, Disneyland, and more! Whether you love outdoor adventures or big-city culture and food, the US offers a staggering variety of travel opportunities during your study abroad.

7. Meet Students from Around the World

The US is known as the “melting pot” for a good reason. Over 850,000 students from around the world choose to study in the US. As part of an ESL program, you will have a chance for cultural exchanges and developing friendships with fellow students from around the globe.

8. Improve Career Opportunities

Language skills are valued in almost any career. Studying in the US also gives you the opportunity to network, participate in internships, and utilize university career advising programs. Studying English is just the beginning!

9. Get Involved

US campuses are busy, well-connected places. Whether you study in the US for three months or four years, you can dive into a busy, engaged lifestyle. You can join student clubs and organizations, often ranging from sports and chess clubs to acting and business leadership programs. Students are frequently involved in community service programs, and international students are encouraged to be ambassadors for their home countries and cultures.

10. Grow as a Person

Studying abroad is a huge opportunity for personal growth. Don’t hesitate - grab that chance to transform yourself and have a blast while you’re there!


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