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Towson University — English Language Center

Prepare for Success

Established in 1985, Towson University’s ELC is one of the oldest intensive English language programs in the University System of Maryland. We offer English for academic purposes, putting you on a direct pathway to success.

Focused Study Addresses Your Individual Academic Goals

Learning English at the English Language Center is a pathway to studying at the university and improving your career opportunities. We have six levels of proficiency to prepare you for academic success – from Beginners to Advanced and Graduate Level. Our placement tests will get you started in the right level. Small class sizes ensure that you get individual attention and feedback. We offer free tutoring sessions to help you succeed in your classes. Merit scholarships are available following the first semester if you work hard and do exceptionally well in your classes.

When You Feel at Home, You’ll Thrive at School

Your academic progress and comfort in your new home are our number one priority. Our highly -qualified, experienced, and caring teachers and staff have lived, worked, and taught all over the world. They will teach you the academic and intercultural communication skills you need to be successful and will help you to adjust to life in the United States. When you arrive, academic, health, and safety orientation meetings will help you to feel comfortable and happy in your new home.

“We are an international family of students and teachers from across the globe. We value your contribution to the diversity of our campus community,” said Director of the English Language Center, Lynda Mermell.

Great Location in Mid-Atlantic Region of the US

Living in Towson is fun and affordable and just a short bus or train ride away from New York, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and Atlantic coast beaches. Towson University is a beautiful 329-acre campus with sports facilities, a library, computer labs, and more. The campus is located in a safe, suburban neighbourhood near restaurants, shopping, and entertainment in downtown Towson – a growing metropolitan center.

The Next Step

The staff at the English Language Center will provide guidance and opportunities for authentic communication experiences that help students transition to the university. Our Conversation Partner Program will help you develop friendships with American and other international students. Intercultural courses, social events, and university class observations will prepare you for the academic life and culture at the university.

An academic advisor will guide you through the admissions process. Conditional Admission is an option for prospective undergraduate students who meet Towson University’s academic requirements. Any undergraduate applicant who successfully completes our advanced level, scoring a B or higher, may enter Towson University without a TOEFL or IELTS score.

TU offers 65 undergraduate, 41 master’s, and 4 doctoral degree programs to choose from including Business and Economics, Health Sciences, Nursing, Education, Computer and Information Science, Cyber Security, Fine Arts, Communication, Science, and Mathematics.



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