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An Unforgettable Summer of ESL at Troy University

Founded in 1887, Troy University is a comprehensive, public university located in Troy, Alabama, with a robust ESL program offering six levels of English instruction for international students. The intensive program meets for 20 hours per week with organized activities every weekend, including a summer trip to Disney World.

ESL students are given Troy University student ID cards and participate in all aspects of student life on the safe, community-focused campus. According to TROY’s ESL Director David Kent, the university is the perfect size and offers its students top-level athletics; high-quality music, dance, and theatre programs; and a variety of other activities for students. “It’s a full-scale university with a small size, so students are much closer to what’s happening on campus,” said Mr. Kent. “You can join in and take leadership roles on campus; it’s a perfect student experience.”

The university offers 8-week ESL programs throughout the year, but the activity-packed summer program is definitely a highlight. The affordable program draws students from around the world, and international groups can request tailor-made programs to meet their needs and interests.

More than a number

At Troy University, the pleasant, mild Alabama climate accompanies an easygoing, cordial environment where students and professors interact freely and collaborate on research projects. “Students get to know their professors very well,” said Mr. Kent. “There’s more of a personal relationship. You are a person, not a number.”

International students find this atmosphere welcoming, and the university believes the cultural diversity strengthens the TROY community. “Brazilian students are a wonderful part of our ESL programs,” Mr. Kent said. “They bring the perfect mix of studiousness and social life, and they have great interpersonal skills. They challenge everybody in the class by their presence, and they motivate the other students.”

Academics at TROY

Most ESL students at TROY continue on to degree programs at the university. Students love living in the warm community and, especially, the university’s international student atmosphere. “This is a global university with students from 76 countries, and more than 80 languages are spoken on the Troy Campus, alone,” Mr. Kent said. “We are Alabama’s international university. Our administration and faculty value students from other countries joining our campus. We also have a number of campuses overseas and a lot of international connections.”

Those transferring to TROY will find a wealth of undergraduate and graduate programs including business, computer science, biology and one of the top broadcast journalism programs in the country. In addition, piano aficionados will be pleased with the university’s designation as a Steinway University, demonstrating its commitment to excellence by providing students the best equipment possible for their music studies.

Transferring to Troy University after ESL is an excellent choice for those looking to study at a community-oriented university with top academic programs.



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