University College of the Caribbean


University College of the Caribbean: Rigorous Academics in a Stunning Environment

The University College of the Caribbean (UCC) offers a university experience unlike most others. Located in Kingston, Jamaica, UCC offers undergraduate and graduate degrees, corporate education seminars, and English as a Second Language programs with a cultural twist.

“International students appreciate the cultural aspect. They are given an opportunity to visit museums, parks and many other places of interest, as well as participating in social activities designed to deepen their appreciation of the renowned Jamaican culture,” noted Associate Vice President Jackie Thelwell.

Programs are quality assured by external accreditation agencies. Class sizes tend to small; “the interaction is very personal—one-on-one,” noted Ms. Thelwell.

Short- and long-term ESL programs are offered throughout the year, with a focus on academic English. A high level of personal attention ensures that international students have a positive experience at UCC. Students are fully prepared to pursue academic degrees in any English-speaking country after completing the ESL program.

A Partner in Florida

Due to a 15-year strategic agreement between UCC and Florida International University (FIU), students can study for graduate degrees in Business Administration, Engineering Management, or Curriculum and Instruction at UCC in Jamaica and receive a degree from FIU.

One may think that living and studying in the stunning, tropical destination would come at a high price, but students are pleased to find the programs to be incredibly affordable. UCC Deputy President Dr. Dameon Black commented on this benefit: “The major advantage is the price at which the program is delivered. The graduate program offered here is 40% below the US price. We facilitate the service, support, and accommodation – and students get their FIU degrees. They can participate in a graduation in Miami if they want to as well.”

UCC also maintains partnerships with the University of London in facilitating students in earning bachelor’s degrees or certificates in law.

Looking to an International Future

Outside the classroom, international students are encouraged to join student sports and clubs as well as explore the limitless natural beauty of Jamaica. UCC also organizes regular activities to help foreign students become fully immersed in student life in Jamaica.

In addition to opening a brand-new campus facility this year, UCC is excited to welcome a new president who will lead the university’s vision to focus on internationalization and sustainability.

UCC currently hosts students from South America, Africa, and India, and looks forward to expanding its offerings to international students and providing a supportive environment for those looking to study English and learn about Jamaican culture.



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