University of Findlay


Study English in Charming Ohio While Earning University Credit

Founded in 1882 and home to more than 4,000 students, the University of Findlay (UF) offers more than 70 undergraduate and graduate degrees. The university is located in community-oriented Findlay, Ohio – a small, welcoming city and an ideal place for young people to live and study. UF students take their academics seriously, while making time to participate in student clubs, organizations, and sports teams. Students are also active in community service, sororities or fraternities, and the arts.

In addition to winning awards for its stunning campus, UF has championed many unique and innovative academic programs, including a bachelor’s degree in environmental safety and occupational health management, doctor of pharmacy, and a degree in children’s book illustration. Other popular programs include Business, Pre-veterinary Studies, Equestrian Studies, Education, and Computer Science.

The University of Findlay attracts international students from around the world, and many begin their UF experience with the Intensive English Language Program (IELP). The 8- and 16-week certificate programs are designed to prepare students for further academic studies in the US, as well as expose them to American student life and culture in Ohio.

Entry-Level ESL Students Make Their Way to Full Degree Programs

IELP students receive fully transferable undergraduate credit for their ESL classes and many are offered conditional admissions to the university after advancing to the final level of the program. The fact that many students enter with very beginner-level English attests to the strong teaching methodology of the program.

IELP Director, Erin Laverick, described the progression of IELP courses: “The levels we start with are for students who have zero English proficiency. We teach them basic phrases to communicate and navigate the community and the campus. In the rigorous fourth level, students are preparing for their graduate program so they are learning to use the library sources, write academic research papers, give formal presentations, and document sources correctly.”

Living and Learning in Findlay

International students are integrated into UF student life and many choose to live on campus with full access to the university’s modern facilities, libraries, and performances. Just a bike ride away, downtown Findlay offers a charming selection of shops and restaurants.

UF is an excellent choice for international students interested in studying English at a safe, personalized university. “The university embodies Midwest culture. We are very friendly; we are very student centered. Our staff and faculty spend a lot of time with all their students,” stated Dr. Laverick.

Current international students were asked why they chose The University of Findlay. The top two answers were that the area offers a ‘pure’ English and that the cost of living is much more reasonable than in the major well-known cities of the United States.


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