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Southern US Oil and Gas Hotspot Offers Perfect Location to Study English

At the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, students receive hands-on training in all aspects of their education. Known for rigorous STEM degrees and high job placement rates, the university’s programs ensure students have the experience necessary to succeed in their future careers.

Small Classes, Smooth Transition

At the Intensive English Program (IEP), located on the university’s campus, students learn in small groups with highly-trained ESL instructors, and many go on to pursue degrees at the university. ESL students at UL Lafayette receive hands-on training in both the English language and American culture, with excursions (such as to nearby New Orleans) scheduled throughout each 8-week session.

IEP Director Rose Honegger explained why so many ESL students pursue degrees at the university: “A lot of students choose our intensive English program because they know that we have a lot of great STEM programs. Being at our IEP allows them to easily matriculate through to the university. It makes the transition really smooth because they are already familiar with our campus.” Students also choose the UL Lafayette ESL program for its affordable tuition – on top of which, academic scholarships are also available.

Opportunities in the Oil and Gas Industry

In addition to its highly ranked MBA programs and renowned School of Computer Science, UL Lafayette is perhaps best known for undergraduate and graduate programs in petroleum engineering. The university’s strategic location in Louisiana offers a myriad of opportunities for students to gain real world experience in the oil and gas industry.

Ms. Honegger explained, “We have students that do internships with oil and gas companies right here. Our location is a huge opportunity for students.” Studying petroleum engineering gives Brazilian students an advantage if they decide to return to Brazil to work in this booming field.

Ms. Honegger continued, “They know that when [Brazilian students] graduate from our programs, they have access to oil and gas companies that have interest in Brazil, their home country. And they’ll understand what it means to do business, both in Brazil and in the United States.”

UL Lafayette’s focus on experiential learning has resonated well with job recruiters. “Many recruiters have said that engineers who have graduated from our programs have very hands-on knowledge about what it means to work in the oil industry,” noted Ms. Honegger.

For students looking for an ESL program that leads to opportunities in an exciting global field, UL Lafayette may be the perfect choice.

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Testimony from a current Brazilian student (Igor) in the Intensive English Program:

I am Brazilian and since last March I have been studying at the IEP in Lafayette to improve my English language skills. When I arrived, my English was quite poor; I started studying at Level 1 and I’m now starting Level 2. In these three months, I have improved a lot. I can write, understand and speak better. Of course, I focus on my homework and I also study during my spare time, but the Intensive English Program is a great course with excellent support. The content has been well designed by excellent professionals. I believe that studying here my English skills will greatly evolve in a short period. I am very happy with the course.

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