University of Memphis


Living and Learning in the Home of Rock ‘n’ Roll

The University of Memphis (UofM) Intensive English for Internationals (IEI) program takes pride in its reputation for rigorously preparing international students for academic degree programs across America, while simultaneously creating a fun and friendly environment where students make lasting friendships and explore America’s home of rock ‘n’ roll in Memphis, Tennessee.

With a focus on intensive English for academic purposes, the IEI program offers six levels of instruction during five, eight-week sessions throughout the year. Classes are small and students come from diverse backgrounds with a shared passion for learning English in one of the finest universities in the American South.

Social Activities at UofM

IEI students study English five days per week, but also have time to explore the area and practice English outside the classroom. IEI Director Lisa Goins described some of the activities students participate in: “Conversation partners give our students an opportunity to get to know the University of Memphis students in a very informal way. We have weekly activities planned for students to enjoy things locally. On Fridays, we have Friday Feasts where we try out different restaurants in the area. We’ll have game nights in American homes and we try to go to the local NBA games, baseball games, and football games.”

Preparing for a US University

While some IEI students are learning English for professional or personal purposes, many students graduating from the IEI program continue on to graduate or undergraduate programs at the UofM through the university’s conditional admissions program. Popular fields of study include business, law, education, public health, and engineering.

The university has found IEI students to be extremely well prepared for further study, as the program focuses on key university skills. Ms. Goins elaborated, “In our advanced levels, the students begin working on research skills. In the University Prep course, they are doing everything that the American students are doing in the university class they attend as a part of the course. They have the same opportunities for test taking, for research paper writing, and other skills that they will need to use in the university.”

Ms. Goins looks forward to welcoming more Brazilians to the IEI program. She said, “When we have Brazilian students, it seems to add an extra dynamic to the classes. We always enjoy it when they are here with us and we want to provide them with the best possible English language opportunity as well.”


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