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Unique Intensive English Programs at the University of Nebraska at Omaha

The Intensive English Language Program at the University of Nebraska at Omaha (ILUNO) is designed to prepare students for academic study at the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) and to improve the language skills of current and conditionally admitted students. The ILUNO program is offered six times per year and students are engaged full-time with a combination of academic English and unique electives.

The ILUNO program offers elective courses that help its students reach personal or academic objectives. These courses cover topics that range from creative writing to university orientation.

“The service learning elective, for example, is unique in that it offers a structured way for students to interact and connect with our community – on projects where the use of English is required for their success. Whether our students are spending time with young students in elementary schools or building houses for Habitat for Humanity, they have the opportunity for authentic English use as they work with others towards a common goal,” commented Assistant Director of Intensive English, Dr. Sarah Osborn.

In addition to teaching academic English, the University of Nebraska at Omaha also caters to those studying English for professional purposes. Trainees in the International Professional Development (IPD) program take part in targeted coursework, such as Global Business Communication, Management, and specialized content courses in reading and writing that enable them to improve their English overall while simultaneously focusing on how it can help them advance their careers. Students create individualized learning plans that outline their professional goals and work towards meeting those goals for the duration of their time in the program.

To extend the IPD experience beyond the campus, trainees are matched with mentors from their industry who assist them in meeting these goals, and they go on numerous corporate visits and attend corporate seminars that enable them to interact with the business and professional communities in Omaha.

Welcoming International Students

From the moment international students arrive at the airport until long after they return home, ILUNO staff make students feel welcome in their new community. Students across campus are invited to the department’s weekly themed Conversation and Culture Hour, a popular event that celebrates international holidays, food, and culture. ILUNO students also get to experience unique field trips to rural communities in Nebraska.

Many students continue on to degree programs at UNO, such as the renowned business programs, computer science degrees, and bioinformatics program. The MBA program is ranked in the top third nationally by U.S. News & World Report, and Omaha is a hub for business opportunities. The city is home to five of the country’s Fortune 500 companies, as well as billionaire Warren Buffett, who has taught at UNO.

Student Life in Omaha

International students find Omaha an incredibly lively and affordable place to live. With free live music events, great sports teams, a reputation for safety and friendliness, and its central location, Omaha is an excellent place to experience student life in America.

“People smile at each other on the street and they are willing to talk to you at the bus stop. You make friends at the free concerts. Our state motto is Nebraska Nice,” noted Manager of Community Engagement and Marketing, Katie Kresha. A thriving city of nearly half a million people, Omaha has a special way of making everyone feel right at home.


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