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Top ESL Programs and a Taste of Brazil in New Orleans

The Intensive English Language Program (IELP) at the University of New Orleans (UNO) opened its doors 20 years ago and now boasts an impressive academic preparatory program that consistently sends international students to American universities. The IELP offers seven levels – the first is designed for students with no English experience, and the last is for those heading to universities. Five 8-week sessions are offered throughout the year.

IELP Program Director Christina Indovina described some highlights of the program: “Students get to visit university classes two sessions per year to get a taste of what university life is like. We also have a field trip in every session, where we take the entire program around the city of New Orleans. We have cultural activities on Friday afternoons – everything from a barbecue to visiting a museum.” Classes are limited to 15 students and the program prioritizes one-on-one attention and support from both their teachers and the administration.

Transferring to UNO

Those who transfer to the University of New Orleans after the IELP enjoy studying at the prestigious, 10,000-student public research university, conveniently located on the New Orleans lakefront. Popular programs include Computer Science; Business; Film; Jazz; Digital Media; Engineering (including Civil, Mechanical and Naval Architecture, and Marine Engineering); and Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Administration.

Living in the Mardi Gras-Capitol of the US

Brazilians love living in New Orleans where the annual Mardi Gras celebration, similar to Brazil’s Carnival, offers a taste of home. “Our students can really relate to the city. One thing our Brazilian students really appreciate is that it’s just different enough to make them feel like they are in another country, but there are lots of similarities that make them very comfortable living and learning here. We have quite a number of Brazilians that are coming here this summer,” explained Ms. Indovina.

The University of New Orleans also receives Brazil Scientific Mobility Program (BSMP) students who have studied in other schools and are coming to complete academic training via internships. “This summer, we have about 65 students who are coming for academic training.  Some are in traditional internships while others are enrolled in a specially designed noncredit course that includes research and introductions to local industry,” noted Assistant Vice President for International Education, Alea M. Cot.

“Brazilian students are welcome here. If they choose the University of New Orleans, they are going to find an English language program that is of the highest quality and a university that will train them for jobs in their fields. We want them to know that this city and university are open to them,” concluded Ms. Indovina.


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