University of Northern Iowa, Culture & Intensive English Program (CIEP)


University of Northern Iowa—A Friendly Home for Culture and Language Study

The University of Northern Iowa (UNI) welcomes international students to its Culture and Intensive English Program (CIEP) for top-quality, academic English language instruction. Highly qualified instructors offer classes at seven ability levels, ensuring students’ progress in meeting their educational and linguistic goals.

UNI is home to over 250 student organizations, 17 intercollegiate sports, and a state-of-the-art performing arts center. It is no wonder why this year U.S. News and World Report ranked UNI in the top 20 “Best Regional Universities (Midwest).”

From a variety of fitness and outdoor programs to frequent live music concerts, ESL students at UNI are choosing the vibrant, thriving community of fellow students – both among the local Iowans and in the dynamic, international student community.

Personalized Service

Program staff members at CIEP provide new student orientation to familiarize students with the campus resources, housing, and dining, and also go above and beyond in arranging cultural orientation and social activities.

Multiple programs bring CIEP students out into the community in enriching, creative projects that nurture language abilities while encouraging active student lifestyles. CIEP students can take part in the Conversational Partner Program, the International Friendship Program, a Retired Seniors Volunteer Program, and a variety of engaging service-learning activities in the community.

A Safe Community

Cedar Falls, Iowa epitomizes Midwestern friendliness. It is a safe, comfortable community with low crime and extremely low unemployment rates. The general population is highly educated with the university at the heart of the culture and entertainment scene. Its mid-sized state university is nestled in the town of Cedar Falls.

UNI’s 40 campus buildings are located within approximately 900 acres which can be crossed in an easy 10-minute stroll. With nearly 14,000 students enrolled in university programs, students benefit from small class sizes and one-on-one faculty attention while also experiencing a diverse community with a wide range of viewpoints.

UNI’s campus also has an extremely low crime rate, and maintains a 24/7 campus security presence. Any student can request a safety escort from the Department of Public Safety when walking on campus at night to ensure they feel secure.

Competitive Cost

The cost of education for CIEP students is significantly lower than most equivalent programs. CIEP tuition is lower, as are UNI fees. Cedar Falls itself is an inexpensive town to live in, which allows students to take advantage of opportunities for travel, cultural experiences, and adventures during their time in the US.

Brazilian Connection

Each year, eight college students from the Cedar Falls area participate in a semester-long exchange program at the Universidade de Brasilia or the Universidade Federal de Goias, focusing on business and agriculture. Additionally, UNI participates in a language and cultural exchange program via video conferencing with Brazilian university students. UNI also receives students as part of the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program.

These efforts foster connections between the university and academic and cultural institutions in Brazil, adding immeasurable value to a student’s education.


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