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BRASA: Students Inspiring Students

LogoBRASA, founded in 2014, is a Brazilian, student-run organization supporting and promoting Brazilian studies globally. BRASA aims to enrich the experiences of students around the world who are interested in business careers in Brazil, and Brazilian culture in general. BRASA also works to advise over 10,000 students at the high school, undergraduate, and graduate levels in Brazil about educational opportunities in the US and abroad through BSCUE. It is present in over 60 universities worldwide having approximately 3,000 members.

“BRASA students are change-makers—doers,” said BRASA Founder Matheus Farias. “They impact their schools in many ways: creating awareness towards Brazil, fostering partnerships between Brazilian universities and their own schools, pushing Portuguese as a foreign language to be offered on campus, and sharing the Brazilian culture with other students. BRASA students have also taken the lead in connecting their universities with the private sector in Brazil.” BRASA is trying to implement the summer job culture in Brazil in order to encourage students to return to the country after graduating. They are doing that by partnering with companies from different sectors and helping them establish summer programs specifically for those who study abroad.


BBR Education, the world’s leading publisher of education-focused guides for Latin America, works with BRASA to help forge new relationships between BRASA and American universities with an interest in receiving Brazilian students, creating research partnerships with Brazil, and in Brazilian studies. In conjunction with BRASA, BBR Education will be co-hosting Live Hangout Chats for Brazilian students interested in studying in the US. Learn more on BRASA’s Facebook page!

BRASA’s Ambassador Programs and Mentoring Program

Want more information in person? BRASA has recently begun Ambassador Programs at the high school and undergraduate levels where BRASA students visit schools in Brazil to share their experience abroad and provide basic advice. Additionally, their mentoring preparation programs connect students to mentors who are currently studying abroad and have recently completed the application processes. The programs have over 100 mentors worldwide for students who want to apply for graduate school in the US or for undergraduate in the US, France, England, Germany and Netherlands.

Meet BRASA’s Team!

Get to know the team of Brazilian students that manages BRASA via interviews here.

How can you connect with BRASA?

For more information or institutional partnerships email them at brasa@gobrasa.org
For undergraduate students: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BSCUE/
For graduate students: https://www.facebook.com/groups/brasagraduate/

Follow on snapchat at gobrasa

Become a member!

Sign up to receive more information about BRASA’s events and initiatives here.


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