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Centenary University


Centenary University—Small Classes, Big Opportunities

Centenary University of New Jersey offers the same range of opportunities as a big university, but with a small school’s individualized attention and support. This liberal arts school welcomes international students as short-term English language learners  and as full-time members of the campus community.

Small Classes, Big Outcomes

Class size is capped at 25 students, with a student-to-faculty ratio of 17:1. This ensures direct interaction between students and their professors, improving student learning and also enabling faculty to connect motivated individuals with internships and other opportunities.

From their first semester, Centenary students are exposed to both classroom and applied instruction across all 49 academic programs . Professors emphasize field study, guest speakers, and practical exercises.

“Students aren’t only exposed to the text book part of learning, but also to real life in their field so they can make an informed decision about their careers,” explained Dean of International Programs, Dr. Joseph Linskey. “This helps students to solidify their direction, and to make different decisions as needed.”

Supporting Student Success

In Centenary University’s 18 years of working with international students, all but two have graduated successfully, thanks to personalized attention through the School of International Programs. Faculty and staff include Spanish and Portuguese speakers.

“If we notice a student is struggling, we are there to offer help,” said Dr. Linskey. “Some are homesick or need other kinds of help. For the whole time they are here, if they need anything we are going to take care of it.”

Alumni Success

Many Centenary alumni remain connected with the school through a mentoring program which connects students with professionals in their field of interest.

One Centenary alumnus, Fred Mangione, returned to the university as the Sports Management Conference keynote speaker and class speaker—sharing his expertise as Chief Operating Officer for the basketball team Brooklyn Nets.

Opportunities for International Students

A unique New Jersey law allows exchange students to receive a US bachelor’s degree by enrolling in a single year of international study. Students complete three years at their home universities, then transfer to Centenary to pursue a rigorous year of study and earn a degree. Many students choose to return home and finish their degrees there as well, giving them a two-degree advantage in the job market.

Larger New Jersey schools require lengthy paperwork to access this program. At Centenary, staff members ensure that this process is accomplished without bureaucratic red tape so students can focus on graduating.

Hackettstown, New Jersey

Centenary is located in the quaint Victorian village of Hackettstown, in the midst of a scenic mountain range, surrounded by countless outdoor adventures. This charming setting is balanced by the easy 50-mile trip to New York City, where the university sponsors trips for both academic and recreational purposes.
“We do an excellent job ensuring that international students are successful,” said Dr. Linskey. “Support is key. We create an environment where students are involved and welcomed.”


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