Living the Life: The Ultimate Experience of Studying English in the US

Life at a US college or university is about far more than what you learn in the classroom; it’s the friendships, internships, travel, and adventures you have along the way. Campuses across the country pride themselves on offering hundreds of student clubs and organizations, as well as sports, music and art events, and connections with nearby cities and outdoor adventures.

Whether your idea of a perfect student experience is building a close friendship with an American “language buddy,” picking up a new artistic or athletic skill (from basket weaving to rock climbing), working part-time with a local business, or taking weekend trips to world-famous tourist destinations, schools in the US are committed to making these goals a reality.

Make your student story the best you can imagine with these
exceptionally engaging student programs:

Language Pacifica

Students seeking connections in Silicon Valley will love this school’s academic and tech industry ties, not to mention its proximity to tourist attractions in San Francisco and San Jose. Annual jazz festivals, abundant athletic events, and vibrant surrounding communities make this small school an exceptional home for adventurous students.

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Chatham University

This small university is a safe haven in a big city, with abundant regional attractions from Niagara Falls to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water and access to Washington, D.C., New York City, and Philadelphia. Students receive abundant staff support, and are housed with American roommates to encourage friendships and connections.

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Fordham University

Just steps from Central Park in New York City, the language program at Fordham sponsors cultural excursions from foodie trips to local restaurants to language exchange partnerships. The unmatched rush of New York City is at students’ fingertips.

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Wisconsin ESL Institute

The famous “Midwestern friendliness” makes students right at home in one of the best places to live in the US. Staff members go above and beyond to support students. Living arrangements prioritize connection—both homestays and learning community dormitories promote activities to cultivate friendships and networking.

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Mentora College

The Smithsonian Museums on the National Mall of the nation’s capitol are right outside Mentora College’s door. Field trips to explore the city’s history, politics, culture, and art are written into the curriculum, inviting language students to immerse themselves in the action of Washington, D.C.

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